It is stated that the Moon's Eye Plan wil be a collective genjutsu via tsukyomi. However, is a world of illusion the ultimate goal of Madara?
Izanagi has the ability to create from genjutsu.
Madara and Obito both have senju plus uchiha dna, so they should both be able to preform the jutsus. The Izanagi can make the world real and the Ten-Tails' enormous chakra can also fuel the Izanagi (and Izanami). Then the Izanami would serve the purpose of making the world perpetual (the dream world's ability to persist in reality).
Obito may not know about this, but Madara's true goal could be to create a new eternal reality, not a dreamland of winners. However if Obito did know about this he could create a "real" Rin. If my theory is correct, would Kamui, Sussano, and Koto Amatsukami also be involved (since like tsukyomi they are ms technique)?
What is your opinion on this theory and/or the dream world?