These are comments that if we discussed a year or so ago that we would of laughed at.

- Who knew that the Five Kages would team up together.....and still be bested by a certain Uchiha. >_>

- Who knew that Naruto and the NineTailed Fox would actually become friends.

- Who friggin knew that "Joke Tobi" and the actual Tobi was Obito all this time.

- Who knew that even after Hiruzen defeated Hashirama that years later it would be unveiled that he had many jutsu he didn't use in the battle, and could heal his wounds without hand signs.

- Who knew that thanks to Kabutomaru and his Edo Tensei that we would get to see many magnificant legendary ninja in action like Hanzo, The Edo Kage, The rest of the Jinchuriki, and The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Hell, he even pulled a Jiraiya and Naruto and unlocked Sage Mode.

- Who knew that Sasuke and Itachi, two brothers who thought at one point hated each other, would actually team up.