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    The Ten Tails

    I could be horribly wrong but did they not say the Ten Tails ACTUAL corpse was trapped in the moon. But here we see the ten tails emerging from the ground it almost looks like.

    Does that not look like he's emerging from the ground? Then again the Juubi was supposed to be inside that chakra wall this whole time(like majinbuu with that pod/egg lol)

    So..... yeah confused lol someone clarify. Is there an actual corpse trapped in the moon, was that the earth in the background and the real ten tails emerging from the moon? Seems silly though if theres two juubi lol. Then again weird stuff happens like Madara having rinnegan while Nagato had received it from him, or revived itachi having his eyes back. So dead summons can have duplicates... why not in this case i guess. Anywho, if someone can clarify..

    EDIT: has been clarified i need to read more carefully lol
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