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    -open ended-


    here is how it goes-
    survive that does not mean you can't par up you can even all of the players can join up i will be personally sending out challenges out
    EX. the player puts-im walking through the forest with my partner.(conversation going or not) i can put(only when in god mode)-then suddenly a bear approaches or the forest lights on fire then you must find a way to defeat it or get away etc.and the players can affect each other ex. player1 puts-i light the forest trees.then i put to every other player in that area even the one that lit it-the trees start to burn and fall around you...
    get it and when the game is over i can ether appoint some one else to be so called "god" that is worthy and does not play favorites and if i do appoint someone they cannot make people not team up if both players accept to join teams than that is final not even i may mess with that rule hear is how it goes you start at a tower then disperse to find the item.

    here is what the players put:
    name: (first and last)

    equipment: (no guns only bow,tomahawk,sword,etc.)(only 1 ranged weapon ex.bow,2 or 3 melee weapons ex.sword tomahawk,)(one unique weapon ex. chain,bomb,etc.)

    type: (medic can only have medicine a knife is your only melee weapon and 1 ranged weapon of there choice,warriors have +1 melee weapons, trap specialist have +1 unique weapon but it can't be a ranged and -1 ranged weapon,and savage has +1 ranged weapon)

    extra equipment: (food and extra stuff but no weapons in extra equipment and only 1 medicine bottle but medics have infinite medicine)

    ill wait for a few people to join then ill begin

    only i may while im god, make a character to play and be god unless when i say you can be god also say you can have a character too and i promise i will treat everyone even my character the same and if you die you can get my permission to help be god

    and it not one of those threads you have to stay in you can leave when ever you wish
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