Ever since pain arc ended, the majority of Naruto fillers has gone down to shit, and I wasn't impressed with it at all especially last year for the sailing arc.

But now, I had enjoyed these fillers because it gives us fans an oppurtinity to see scenes from the war that were missed/skipped during the manga. + it prolongs the manga in anime which is good as they were catching up to each.

Still whatever I requested these fillers action plot, it cost us animation problems, the action scenes were too short which I was hoping atleast 2 episode long, for each fights or so and you noticed that in kakashi and Gai flashback, their voice acting were high pitched which it shouldn't happened at all but overall at least we get the content of the story. The studio should have done a better job in my opinion.

I am also excited to see Kabuto fillers arc for 6 parts which to mee is considered a special movie.

So, Do you guys enjoyed fillers war plot not since 3 tails and 6 tails arc???