This is my list of the only fair fights in the naruto series
Strictly one on one fights and no interferences from other characters
If I've missed one or one of these were wrong let me know down below

1.Gaara Vs Rock Lee PTS

2.Neji Hyuuga Vs Naruto Uzumaki PTS

3.Naruto Uzumaki Vs Gaara PTS

4.Sakura Haruno Vs Ino Yamanaka PTS

5.Tobi Vs Konan PT 2

6.Sasuke Uchiha Vs One of Kabutos genin Team members PTS (don't remember name)

7.Choji Ackimichi Vs Jirobo PTS

8.Neji Hyuuga Vs Kidomaru PTS

9.Might Guy Vs Kisame Hoshigaki PT 2