Ok, so in the new chapters it has been shown that naruto can make clones and those clones each have a kurama inside of them! Not only did kurama give kakashi chakra, in the last manga, but the other naruto shot a beast bomb with the eight tails at close to the same time. So, what is stopping naruto from just kicking ass on the battle field right now? He can make a stupid amount of clones, each with a nine tail fox, while in the tailed chakra mode, and, we now know, he can freely give out chakra. There is no reason why he shouldn't be all over the place, nine tails out, beast bombing, and recharging everyone. maybe he will. Given Obito is a little untouchable and there is the whole plot thing, but if you think about it naruto is insanely overpowered at the moment and just not really using it.