The Juubi was still rising from the ground. It's one eye glared menacingly, the reflection of the ninja gleaming in it.

Madara: true EVIL!

Suddenly, the area right under it's eye began ripping apart.

Obito: ?!

The ripping turned out to be a formation of a mouth.

Naruto: This..malice!

Bee: this?

Gyuki: It's too late now...

The Juubi roared. The roar released a shockwave that headed towards the Shinobi. As the shockwave progressed, it tore up the land shattered rocks.

Obito: I see no just a roar?!

The shockwave struck the ninja. They and the earth around them went flying. When the dust settled, utter destruction lay around them. Kakashi managed to just sit up. His headband had been blown off. Most of his flak jacket had been shredded, his clothes tattered. He braced his back against a slab of rubble. A small distance away, Naruto lay on the ground. His jacket was blown open. He had retained minor injuries due to Bijuu Mode and was now in his regular mode. Naruto stood up.

Naruto: Kurama, what do we do now?

Kurama: I-I don't know...

Naruto: Damn!

Madara pushed a large rock of off his body. His right torso and arm were blown off and slowly regenerating.

Madara: (Magnificent. With just a roar, so much destruction was caused. It even managed to slow down the regenerative process of this jutsu...)

Obito slipped through the a pile of rubble that was beside Naruto.

Obito: Shall I control it, or you?

Madara: I'm the one with Tsukiyomi.
Obito: You forget I have your eye.

Madara: Can you even revert it to its Mangekyou form?


Madara scoffed. After his body fully reformed, Madara activated an aura of Susano'o and ran towards the Juubi. It fixed its eye on Madara and formed its mouth once again. A small black sphere formed in its mouth.

Madara: A Tailed Beast Ball?

The Juubi launched the sphere.

Obito: (It's smaller than the Nine-Tails'. But that chakra...It's so dense. Madara might not survive that, even with Edo Tensei. The Juubi has already shown it can slow his reforming process.)

Obito started warping. As Madara got near the Tailed Beast Ball, Obito appeared in front of him.

Madara: Obito?!

Obito held out his hand and began absorbing the Ball. Madara ran past him.

Obito: (?! What is this...the Juubi's chakra..)

When done absorbing the Ball, Obito created multiple chakra chains. They hit the Juubi and wrapped around its limbs.

Madara: I see. You used the Juubi's own chakra to create chakra chains strong enough to retrain it. Good.

Madara wove a few seals and activated his Mangekyou. He looked into the Juubi's eyes and a flame-like chakra surrounded his hand. Madara leapt up and placed his hand right above its head.

Madara: Welcome, Juubi. You can be my new pet.

The Juubi broke one of the chains and flicked Madara into a slab of rock.

Madara groaned.

Madara: Tch.

The Juubi swung one of its tails towards Obito. He deactivated the chains and let the tail pasa through him.

???: Hey! Juubi!

Obito turned and saw Naruto standing beside Kakashi in Sage Mode. He pointed at himself with his thumb.

Naruto: Fight me!