Juubi releases mighty shockwave,everyone are trying to stand on their feet.
Naruto:Kurama we can do it (Naruto transforms into perfect fox)
Juubi:You *****es,i spent so much time without *******eee,rawwrrrrr.(teleports behind eight tails and starts raping him in ass,killer bee and ox die and juubi absorbs their chakra)
Madara:What a huge ****! OMG!
Juubi: YOU are next(points @ naruto and teleports behind naruto in kyuubi form and just before he pushes his **** naruto farts and throws back juubi)
Naruto:Now its my time(in sage and bm rushes to juubi and opens his seal on stomach and seals juubi inside of him)
Obito:Madara u idiot why didnt u seal juubi cant u see i am out of chakra?
Madara: Oops sorry but i was shocked by the size of that ****.
Kakashi:Hey obito when we are talking about dicks,rin really loved mine,she was giving the best blowjobs and she really liked to swallow,and when i pierced her with chidori,my cum was flowing from her body.
Obito:NOOOOOOOOOO that ***** i loved her.Well i was only living for her,ok cya all,pierces his head with moukton.
Naruto chains juubi inside inside
Naruto:Hey kurama u got huge ****,will you **** him first or should i?
Kurama:heh naruto you dont even need to do it,your penis is so small
Kurama starts raping juubi(juubi screams like hell)
Madara:You will all die(summons meteor)
Naruto:not today(blasts meteor with kyuubi rasen shuriken)
Gai opens 8th gate and runs behind madara
madara uses shinra tensei but he still flies away,when he lands on the ground naruto uses kyuubi rasen shurken and brakes susano that madara activated upon landing on ground,naruto then seals madara in him 2.
Naruto:Now juubi and madara are sealed in me,i am the stronges gonna **** u all.\
Gai starts dying coz of 8th gate.
Gai:Kakashi i always had bigger ****...(dies)
Naruto starts ****ing chained madara inside of him.
When madara is sealed his black will destroys that tree and white zetsus,war finishes,tsunade dies healing other kages,naruto becomes bisexual hokage,keeps ****ing everyone in konoha.
Meanwhile Sasuke,Oro and Suigetsu died from heartattack when juugo showed them his ****.
Happy ending.

(dont flame this might happen!!!)