Characters I like are healing combat types, like Kabuto for example.
Itachi and Kakashi for their personalities and ofcourse The ero-sennin (who doesnt like him?).

I thought lets put this out here, before Naruto fanboy and stuff like that is being thrown at me
and now that is out of the way, lets continue.

So I keep reading about Naruto having zero wins vs Sasuke and Sasuke having a handful wins vs Naruto.
Where are these handful of wins?
Can someone point them out for me?

Battles of Naruto and Sasuke:

-Kindergarden 1 vs 1 training games with Iruka, Sasuke wins.

-Academy toilet, Naruto wins (Sasuke tied up).

-Hospital roof, Naruto wins (Sasuke felt inferieur after comparing the damage on the tanks.
Rasengan did loads more than Chidori, something Sasuke witnessed at the back).

-Valley of the end, Naruto wins (Sasuke said you cant scratch my forehead protector Naruto. Naruto used his final Rasengan on the forehead protector of Sasuke, instead of a body part, that would have left Sasuke with severe damage).

-Orochimaru base, Sasuke wins (Naruto really didnt seem to be much of a match for Sasuke at this time).

I cant remember them having battles since this last battle. At the bridge where Sasuke fought with Danzo, they had a clash of Chidori vs Rasengan, but that wasnt really a fight and they both were blown back.
Not much of a point to add what you could call a draw at best.

Feel free to add fights to this list and/or tell me what should be changed and why.

Please keep it civil.