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    WWE Survior Series 2012 predictions

    WWE Survivor Series 2012

    Hello WWE fans here are my official Survivor Series predictions for tomorrow night feel free to add your own.

    Btw I know I didn't do a review on HIAC well if you were looking forward to that well to bad. HIAC wasn't that good....anyway I WILL do a review on SS.

    Ok now let's get started with me saying of you are not a WWE fan please refrain from spamming this thread.


    3MB vs Tyson Kid & Justin Gabriel.(Forgot what their calling themselves if you know tell me and I'll fix it.)

    Prediction: Both teams at pretty good and have decent momentum coming into this match , however 3MB will win a decent match.

    Who I want to win: Tyson and Gabriel, I'm not to high in 3MB just yet though they do have talent and look to be a decent stable in the future. I do wish they change there name and gimmick though.

    Wild Card: This match sucks.

    Main Card.

    Divas Title.
    Eve vs Kaitlyn

    Prediction: Eve. This is a pretty good storyline though.

    Who I want to win: Eve she is my fav diva ATM.

    Wild Card: Kaitlyn wins a squash.

    US Title match
    Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth.

    Prediction: I don't like the buildup to this match at all. There was little to none. However this match has potential to be a show stealer. Both men are great in the ring(maybe their mic skills is why I don't like the buildup.) I believe we'll see Cesaro walk out the winner though.

    Who I want to win: Cesaro, now I'm a fan of truth as well but I want to see Cesaro come out with this one.

    Wild Card: Squash match that means nothing.

    Traditional 5-5 tag match
    Team Foley vs Team Ziggler

    Prediction: Ok first I must say Cody Rhodes is injured and may not compete I'm not sure who is gonna replace him but reports say Tensai will. Now for my prediction I'm hoping this will be a great match and it should be but look for Team Foley to get the win.

    Who I Want to win: I wanna see Team Ziggler win with Barrett getting the most eleminations.

    Wild Card: I don't even know if a wild card is possible for this match.

    World Heavyweight Title match
    Big Show(C) vs Sheamus

    Prediction: This was surprising the best match at HIAC. However I'm not expecting the same performance as last time I'm expecting it to be slow and boring I however hope I'm wrong. However I do predict Big Show to win. I am NOT expecting a Ziggler clash in.

    Who I want to win: I'm enjoying what WWE is doing with Big Show ATM so I want show to win.

    Wild Card: Big Show squashes.

    WWE championship
    Triple threat

    CM Punk(C) vs John Cena vs Ryback

    Prediction: I'm not expecting to much, then again I'm not a fan of triple threats at all so yeah that me. This will make 1 year for Punk title reign however however I fear that it is over yes I said it. I fear for Punk. I predict Ryberg getting the pin on Cena after Punk hit GTS.

    Who I want to win: Even though I'm a Cena fan I'm not pulling for Cena! Punk get your year!!!

    Wild Card: Ryback rapes them both literally and figuratively.

    Well this are my predictions for this months PPV it's a big four so let's hope WWE can pull it off. Tell me what you guys think of my predictions and what do you think will happen.
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