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    If the sage's yin+eyes=the sharingan

    The Older son didn't inherit the yang chakra making him most likely have an ems with the first distortion of the sage's eyes making it swirl
    ems is the last power up before rinnegan
    when you implant an ms you also get yin chakra
    susano'o resembles genjutsu chakra

    genjtusu is yin element

    sasuke felt itachi's power flow through him and the susano'o both look the same

    it also makes since for naruto and sasuke
    sasuke's powerups:ms(yin chakra)+ms(yin chakra)=the yin chakra of the older son and eyes
    Naruto:uzumaki's already have life-force and yang chakra+kyuubi's yang chakra=the same flame-like chakra of the younger son
    so if the older son were to inherit the eyes and the yang chakra instead of yin chakra what would you think the eyes would be like
    is that what the byakugan is
    sharingan uses genjutsu techniques and
    byakugan makes you able to do chakra based techniques
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