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    The Rise of Tengen: Chapter 15

    ( For new readers and regulars, you may find previous chapters and other works by following the link in my signature "fanfics" )

    Chapter 15: An old enemy emerges

    We waited until the cover of darkness to begin our mission. We surrounded the building from all sides. Guards seemed to make rounds every few minutes. I planned that we would neutralize them once they were furthest from the building. I watched as the guard for the northern side, my side came closer to where I planned to take him down. As he approached, I moved into position. I began to move behind him and with one swift motion, he fell to my silent raido technique. I moved to the rendezvous point where I joined up with Uzima, Kaguya and Yuuki.

    "Did you see how many were inside?" I asked Yuuki, whose task was to use ice mirrors to see inside the building.

    "Yes, about 10 or so. Most look to be sober. There was somebody behind a curtain and the village elder seems to be bound by rope just in front of the curtain," she responded.

    "That is unfortunate. How will we be able to sneak into a large communal room with ten armed men holding a hostage?" Kaguya asked.

    "We will walk inside and ask for him," I replied.

    "What?" they all said in unison as they stared at me with wide eyes.

    "What was the point of stealth if we are just going to give it away?" Kaguya asked.

    "I had us neutralize the guards because I didn't want the enemy getting behind us," I replied.

    "Keeping the enemy all in front of us where our Ninshu is most effective," Uzima discerned. I nodded in agreement as I began to walk up to the door.

    "What about the hostage?" Kaguya asked frustratedly.

    "Leave that problem to me," I replied as I opened the door. The others followed closely.

    We moved towards the back where the large communal room was located. We walked in to see the group of abandoned imperial soldiers. I looked over to see the village elder, bound and held hostage. I looked to the curtain and the figure behind it. But then an all too familiar voice hissed from behind it.

    "I recognize that ugly red hair and disgusting freak eyes anywhere," the voice of the former imperial officer, Sasuke said from behind the curtain. One of the other deserter soldiers pulled the curtain back to show the vile man, dressed in a tunic with remnants of armor. The sleves of his tunic laid limp, for they contained no arms. Scars of our battle.

    "Sasuke," I said in almost a low growl, "What is the meaning of all of this?"

    "Don't you like it, orphan brat. Even without my arms. When we were abandoned by his majesty, they all clang to me for leadership," and with this old bag as a hostage, I can rule over this village," he said with a dark smirk. Uzima stepped out from behind Kaguya and Yuuki. She looked at the man before us. "Don't tell me... is that the one you fought so hard for? Well it seems you managed to save the commander's whore. Is the wench pretending to play warrior too?"

    "Leave her out of this Sasuke. Hand over the elder," I commanded. One of the soldiers pulled out a sword and pointed it to the elder's throat.

    "Take another step and the elder dies," Sasuke threatened. We stayed back for a moment.

    "What now?" Kaguya asked.

    "Just observe," I said as I held out my hand, "Be ready." I took in a deep breath and focused my chakra. "Tendo: Bansho Tenin." An intense force moved through the building. Suddenly, the samurai's sword flew through the air, landing before my feet. Then as if he weighed nothing, the elder himself flew through the air. Uzima jumped up and caught the terrified flying man and took him outside to safety. Sasuke's eye twitched. His body sank, and his body seemed to almost curl up in fear.

    "Kill them! Kill them all!" he yelled. The ten soldiers surrounded us.

    "Let us handle them, Tengen. You seem to have unfinished business," Yuuki declared as she weaved her hands together, sticking out her pointer and middle finger out and clasping her hands, in a tiger seal, then wrapping her middle finger over the other. "Hyodo (Way of Ice): Needle rain," she yelled as needles of ice flew out and struck her opponents.

    "We have these weaklings," Kaguya said as he pulled out his own spine and used it to attack, "Dance of the Clamatis: Vine!" Sasuke scrambled to his feet and escaped out a hidden door. I ran after him. I used my superior speed to reach him, knocking him to the ground. I placed my hand on his head.

    "Sasuke...for your crimes against humanity and for your insatiable blood lust, I sentence you to death by execution," I said as I took a deep breath. He began to panic in fear.

    "I will do anything you want, just let me go!" he frenzied.

    "How dishonorable, a warrior begging for his life. You do not deserve an honorable death. Ningendo (Human path)," I said as I swiftly removed his soul. His body fell limp to the ground and died. His soul existed in my hand for a moment. I flicked my wrist and destroyed it, not wanted to consume it's evil.

    Kaguya, Yuuki, and Uzima walked up to me and saw the corpse. We took in a deep sigh of relief. But suddenly a cramping feeling appeared in my stomach. I sensed an incredibly massive chakra. I looked up to to see that the other three looked to the sky in terror as a massive shadow was cast over us in the light of the full moon. I turned around and my eyes met it's eye. I felt my body tighten and my heart race.

    "You have returned here? Juubi...."

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    Re: The Rise of Tengen: Chapter 15

    I bet 1 or 2 of them will die :D

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