Warning: Im Not Good at Makin' This Kind Of Post so please Understand Those unclear Sections.
and.. im Not a Fanboy of Anyone!

Okay Lets Start.!

As Suigetsu Stated.. The Scroll can possibly Turn Out the War. then, what couLd possibLy Do That? Simple. Immense Power.

We All know That Sasuke also have a thirst For Power. But he is More Hungry For the Truth About his clan. He Haven't Thought of Orochimaru after he Killed Him, Right? but in this Page http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c592/14.html he Suddenly thought About Orochimaru about that "one Who Knows Everything"

So Why Orochimaru? it is Stated here http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c593//.

it is Stated That there are Things That onLy Oro Can Do. Like Reviving Someone. Suigetsu also Said that Even Sasuke Revived Oro, he still Cant Move His Arms at Will Because Of The Death Reaper Seal. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c593/9.html

But After Reading The Scroll and Reviving Oro, we Can See here http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c593/15.html That Oro Can Move his Hands at Will.. So What Could Do that? Simple.. the Jutsu in The Scroll.

So Here's my Main point of my Theory:

A. Sasuke Revived Oro with The Jutsu On The Scroll because he Wanted Oro to Revive Someone. Maybe Someone With the Hokages that Can Cross to His Clan.
B. The Scroll Contains Revival Jutsu. maybe the Pure World Reincarnation.
C. ill Just Add This.. Maybe They Will Go To Some Of Oro's Labs where he Store the Bodies of Someone. Sasuke Knew Oro's Secret Lab Well right?

That's the end Of My Theory. i Hope you Find it Useful. and Correct me If Something's Wrong With any Points in My Theory. Im Just a Beginner Then.! and Please, Share Your thoughts! i Would Love to Read The All :ice: