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    Awards Showcase

    [A Struggle!] To the ends of a dark path...

    So many words to describe such a weather. Such a breathtaking setting...
    My hands were shoved in my pocket as I slowly shuffled my way to the agreed meeting place - I cast my gaze into the skies, hardly reacting to the steady drops of rain that pelted against my eyes.
    Thoughts wandering, I briefly wondered if I would finally come to understand the dark secrets of the Uchiha clan...or even moreso, the absolutely troubling aspects of my current journey.
    What would I discover? What would I learn?
    I exhaled softly, a heavy feeling finally settling over my heart. My right foot tapped a soft beat against the puddle...
    Perhaps today was the day.
    If not now, then never...
    The words fluttered across my thoughts as I patiently waited for the arrival of Yusuke and Dante.
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