Do you think the Jubi could soon blow up the moon? In the final shot of the last Manga we see the Jubi with the moon behind it. I know this is supposed to symbolize the infinite tsukyom plan but the moon was also the prison the Jubi was sealed in. The Jubi could be angry at the moon and want to destroy it. I always thought the Jubi could have a country destroying biju bomb attack and what better way to show off its awesome power without killing a lot of people than to blow up the moon. The moon was created by the SO6P with the Jubi's power so it can be destroyed by it too. It would initially also be a screw you to Madara and Obito's moon eye plan though if either did become the Jubi jinchuriki they could always use a massive version of Chikubi Tensei to create another moon. I know this seems like dbz but at least this would be a god like creature destroying the moon and not some senile old man.