If you don't want to read theres a list at the bottom.

Six paths of pain- A lot of people don't think that he can, but i believe that he has the stamina and move to do so.
Ok so 6pop has a lot of moves, but the powerful ones such as shinra tensei or chibaku tensei, are basically the only threats. A lot of you may disagree, but the others can probably be easily destroyed by wood clones which are much more powerful than regular ones.
preta path i don't think it will be able to absorb the tree, maybe stop it from growing, but then another one can just come up from behind him while he tries to suck it up with his eyes.
Summons- i really don't think these will be a problem for him considering he was able to stop the kyuubi, if anything the only problem will be trying to find the chameleon.
Rocket path(I Forgot some of the paths names so sorry)- A clone can probably take care of him.
There shared vision probably won't work since they'll probably be surrounded by trees.

Shinra Tensei-Hashirama can make forests probably bigger than shinra tensei in an instant so even if that path(again forgot its name, sorry) uses it hashi can just recreate his mokuton and by that time the path will already be out giving hashirama the chance to defeat him, and i don't think it would be able to defeat or hurt him considering it basically just pushes things away. also even if it did hurt him he has better healing than tsunade so i really doubt it will be a problem.
Now Chibaku, this one will probably the toughest for hashirama to beat or rather escape because of its gravitational pull. However i think hashirama just has surround himself in his mokuton until its over and if it does pull him in(which there is a huge chance it will) make his mokuton grow through the rocks and make his way out sort of like the kyuubi did.
I know some of you guys are thinking how it would surrounding himself in mokuton keep him from getting crushed. Well Mokuton has shown to be extremely powerful and be able to easily crush whats around it so if hashirama were to surround himself in it all of the other objects that would have been pulled in could easily be torn through and make a path for him to escape.Keep in mind that this technique take a huge toll on Nagato and probably cannot use it to long.
Hashirama also mare than likely has more chakra than Nagato so i don't think it will be a problem.

So yeah this is why i think Hashirama can beat them.

Nagato- I do think he can beat nagato with the paths because he has counters, but i also think it will be tougher... Actually i'm not so sure about this one, but i think i'm going to stick with what i said.

Naruto- So yeah I think Hashirama is just the worst match up for Naruto since almost all of narutos powerful moves come from kurama. BM mode probably won't be a problem since hashirama will just suppress it and the clones can be fought with wood clones, only problem would be there speed, but i'm pretty sure that hashi clones can land a hit on them since he was always fighting and more than likely came across a speedster.
SM can be a problem for him to deal with until it runs out of nature chakra, and i think he can only make a limited amount of them (please correct me if i'm wrong). anyway yeah i think that hashi might be able to keep up with them and if not he can just make more clones.
I Think that KM and BM clones might be able to be suppressed of their kyuubi chalra because yamato was able to suppress the kyuubi without that dragon.
Other clones can be easily dealt with.
The Real Naruto will probably go after Hashirama and i really don't think that he himself will be a problem, even if he lands a a couple of hits Hashirama will just regenerate like tsunade.
The toad summons can also be dealt with mokuton.

Minato- I just don't think he has any chance of beating Hashirama. I know he's smart and all, but from what we've seen he just doesn't have anything that would hurt him. I mean Hashirama can grow wood from his body so if he tags him he could just make wood grow from there, and even if he didn't know that he was tagged rasengan or a kunai aren't going to hurt this guy considering he has better healing than tsunade. And in doing that Hashi can learn how ftg works and make the seals move where he wants them to (his ftg can just be moved since hashi can control the landscape with his mokuton).That being said i think the only hard part for Hashirama would be to catch minato.

Sasuke- Hahsirama already fought madara with EMS and beat him(even if wasn't by a lot, its been hinted that they were almost equal in power), so unless Sasuke has something that madara didn't have he's probably going to lose, but he still has a chance at winning, just he'd probably lose more times than win.

Itachi- This guy should have a chance. before you start thinking that I'm biased or retarded for saying this, hear me out. Madara was able to go toe to toe with Hashirama with just MS so why would itachi who is a genius not be able to. Also itachi has amaterasu which would cause hashirama a lot of problems since it keeps spreading and doesn't stop.
After using amaterasu i think it would give Itachi a chance to get in close quarters with hashi and AMATERASU TO THE FACE, (nah just kidding although it is possible). No but i think that this would be a good battle, but hashi coming out on top, just barely though, because of itachis intellect.

Well these were the ones i thought were important enough to suggest for those of you that didn't read here is the list


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