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    ..aaaand we are back down to

    Kakashi: Greatest Anti-Raiton Specialist?

    Please keep in mind that I'm comparing Raiton ninjutsu and nothing else. This is not a versus thread in the conventional sense.

    I'll use some previous posts, from the top raiton user debate thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    So, people, does Raikiri beat the Raikages armor?

    I believe it does, as Chidori is an inferior version of the Raikiri yet it managed to penetrate the armor, to a degree. Raikiri is stated to be a "more concentrated version" on the Wiki. It's name even hints at it, and the kicker:

    Kakashi created the technique when Kumo and Konoha were at war. Could he have (at least subconsciously) been considering its effect on the Raikages legendary technique?

    It might even have worked, as a tiny silver-haired kid about old enough to still be play-pretending to be a ninja couldn't possibly be high on the thread list of any Kage, and he'd have trusted in the Armor to protect him in any case.

    Raikiri as such seems to overpower (or at least pierce) even the highest shown tier of Raiton-based defense.

    So how does it compare with Kirin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    Kirin is a situational jutsu of great strength yet equally great drawbacks. It IS stronger than any of Kakashi's Raiton, true (except maybe the Raiden, as slicing through V2 Jinks like butter seems like it could give even Kirin trouble, and Raiden is easier, cheaper and MUCH more versatile) (we'll table any discussions about Raikiri slicing through Kirin for now) yet the Third Raikage deals with Kirin easily. Interestingly, it seems like Kakashi might be able to take the Third (refer to my previous post about Raikiri and the Raikages armor) in a Raiton battle, so you have something like Rock-Paper-Scissors.

    The order is like this:


    Yet the argument can be made that Kakashi wins overall. For one, he invented most if not all of his demonstrated Raiton techs (Sasuke's are all variations of Chidori) and that might not be the case for the Raikage. Anyway, Kakashi seems to beat the Raikage, so he would be on top.
    Kirin (the lightning bolt[or dragon], though I've in effect proven that it's not any more powerful than one, I'll show you) versus the Raikiri:

    Raikiri has been stated to have cut a lightning bolt in half, and I HIGHLY doubt that Kirin is any stronger than your average lightning bolt. Proof(ish) (WITH SCIENCE): This is in response to a question comparing Kirin and regular lightning:

    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    Hey, it was you who said ninja arts don't compare to nature, and I wholly agree. (Pansy ass meteor, Madara!)

    If I'm serious, yes, I do. **** YES I DO!!

    Lightning ALWAYS goes for surface targets, and can cause trees to EXPLODE, (Take that, Hashirama!)

    Lightning is usually around 5 km long, and produces around 500 megajoules of energy from a single strike. Source Wikipedia.

    For reference, that's about 1/15000th of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

    Yeah, that's 1/15000th of an atomic bomb directed in a precise death ray.

    It would effortlessly penetrate the mountain, if it could somehow be aimed.

    EDIT: I actually learned a lot from this.
    This is in response to the same guy asking about whether lightning could destroy a mountain on the level of Kirin:

    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    Naruto's universe is different from ours, and it's possible Sasuke gathered several lightning bolts or enhanced [a single one] in some way.

    An UNFOCUSED lightning bolt has roughly equivalent energy to a 120 kilograms of TNT, so it would definitely cause significant damage to the SURFACE of a mountain.

    So, if Kakashi can handle regular lightning he can handle Kirin. Raikiri thus seems stronger than the (otherwise) strongest (or possibly third strongest) offensive Raiton ninjutsu.

    Now, the Hell Stab (Third Raikage's single finger tech, it might not actually be called that) and the Raikiri both have never shown an upper limit to piercing power. The Raikiri seems equally likely to cut through Raikage's defense, so... other feats:

    Hell Stab can cut through Hachibi's tails with ease.

    Raikiri (well, Raiden, which is two of them connected by a chain) slices through V2 Jinchuuriki's tails like butter.

    Still seems pretty even. Anyway, Raikiri is on par with the othewise strongest Raiton offense shown in the manga, and CAN pierce the greatest Raiton defense.

    So yeah, Kakashi (and the Third Raikage) are both Supreme Anti-Raiton Specialists. You can't be truly familiar with countering something 'til you've mastered it, after all.

    Anyway, Kakashi invented all the techs shown while the is a chance (but a slim one) that someone else, perhaps an earlier Raikage, invented the Third's jutsu.

    Kakashi reigns supreme!


    Raikiri > Raikage Lightning Armor

    Raikiri > Kirin

    Raikiri = Hell Stab

    Jutsu creation:

    Kakashi > Third Raikage. Not certain, but more probable than not.

    Kakashi > Awesome.
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