Keep and open mind

So as we know kishi has used patterns to shape the world of Naruto.... there have been teams such as team 7 , team hiruzen and team minato who have been close to identical with similar characters and experiences... the description of all teams would be....a loud mouth knucklehead who boasts about power but doesn't gain bragging right until later on in life ( naruto jiraiya and obito). A female medic K sakura tsunade and rin) and a skilled genius who looks down on the rest ( sasuke kakashi and oro). Who had highly skilled and praised senseis. Now its obvious naruto and jiraiya have had similar experiences with training and skill is a mini tsunade with small breasts and pink hair...and sasuke and oro r different with the same character development(in early life) team minato....we all know what went down...its a reverse of team seven... only difference is that this time...the loser is the one with the gifted genes.(sharingan) and the one with high skill is just naturally that...skilled... Now I bring up all this symbolism to make one assumption.....what if....just what if...kishi created this whole pattern and similarities within the teams to symbolize that Naruto will get sasukes's eyes?o_o. Yes...what if it is reversed..this time the non uchiha who is the knuckle head...gets the eyes of sasuke...the gifted one... maybe sasuke will play off the bad guy roll after meeting the one who knows everything..and act as itachi did with a double motives and die at the hands of Naruto so Naruto can receive his eyes?? I know I sound crazy but just think about it before posting and replying