Ohaiyo / Konnichi wa / Konban Wa

Well i avoided joining anime discussion forums since it results in arguments than comparative discussion , i don't get why everyone is against comparing the stuff from the same genre with more or less the same ideas of character nature & ability growth , anyway since i only have few people to discuss anime stuff within my friends & do some constructive critical discussion , i thought I'd give a Naruto forum a go where there are less chances of arguments with other fanboys & i would end up with logically discussing characters instead of finding ranters who think sakura is useless & don't acknowledge her part in the series , as well as i am bored of sasuke haters , though my favorite from the series is naruto , i am neutral about sasuke & his role is really important to the series

I also like the frenemy development of Naruto & Sasuke feels more real with human errors , like bad life choices , misguidance , yet the faith in friendship remains

I hope i can discuss what i love on a more flame free level & i can contribute by , showing good traits of a character to haters & i hope people improve my knowledge of the Anime the site lists

Dozo Yoroshiku :D