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    Re: ITACHI could have become 5th Hokage if he was there in Konoha Village???

    Quote Originally Posted by IIB7252 View Post
    so u mean to say...NO 1 in uchiha clan can become hokage even in future...No matter even if he is a GEM of a person...Just because his/her ancestors were bad...I dont agree with ur idea....
    Its more or less similar to what konaha village treated naruto in his childhood...with hatred because he had kyuubi inside him...
    Sorry but i dont buy ur idea...

    If you are talking about this narutoverse and not an alternate, then yes. Hm, Madara attacked the village, Obito attacked the village, they were left with no options but to exterminate them and one of the last Uchihas plans to, whaddya know, attack the village.

    (Not really related): That's how the world works sometimes (even though this is Naruto). People are discriminated based on mistakes someone else did in the past.
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