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    Awards Showcase

    █▓▒░ GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    Here you'll find the most useful tutorials and resources posted by NB members.
    Happy Hunting!


    1. Useful Sites to make Signatures/avatars/wallpapers etc.

    2. Mizu Colouring Tutorial.

    3. 50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners.

    4. How to find matching colors.

    5. Links to C4D Packs.

    6. Photoshop Tutorials [for skilled and beginners]

    7. How to make the shine effect on GIMP.

    8. Graphic Design Dictionary

    9. How to add videos into a signature tutorial.


    If you find or have any other tutorials you feel will be helpful and deserve a place here. Feel free to PM me with the details.

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    Awards Showcase

    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    Useful Sites to make Signatures/avatars/wallpapers etc.

    font sites-
    Abstract Fonts - 12,331 Free Fonts
    1001 Fonts .com
    Free Fonts - Free Font Download - Cool Fonts
    Download fonts | | Download 10,000 Free Fonts

    Glitter Graphics/Glitter text-
    Glitter Graphics for MySpace, Hi5, Orkut -
    Glitter Graphics - Myspace Comments - Glitter Your Way The Leading Toxicology Site on the Net

    Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    || Kiss My Pixels ||
    glitter maker glittery texts fary at
    blush brush peach photoshop brushes at
    Index of /
    * * * * * * * _____/Lush Brushes * * * * * * Original PSP Brushes by Cari
    Myspace Layouts,Myspace 2.0 Layouts,2.0 Myspace Layouts...

    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
    2.0 Myspace Layouts,Myspace Layouts,2.0 Skinny Layouts,2.0 Default Layouts...
    MySpace Backgrounds - Free Background Images for MySpace Xanga And Friendster
    myspace backgrounds, myspace layouts, myspace background codes, free backgrounds, layouts for myspace, free backgrounds, free layouts, valentine's day myspace layouts, free myspace backgrounds, myspace codes,
    Desktop Wallpapers > Miscellaneous > Other/Misc | Free Wallpaper 1024x768 1600x1200
    Wallpapers Gallery for your desktop

    Planet Renders v3
    Anime renders this is where your dreams cross-over
    Renders -
    Render Gallery -
    Sneaky's Render Index - Home
    deviantART: where ART meets application!
    GameRenders - Your Source For Free Gaming Renders
    Foro MCAnime ~ Ver tema - Almac�n de Renders de [Act. 03-|-ABR-|-09]
    Suteki Renders

    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket...
    Female teen models - teen model magazine

    download photoshop-
    Download Adobe PhotoShop CS3 10 Free Trial - Adobe Photoshop CS3 software is the professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line.
    Download Adobe PhotoShop CS4 11.0.1 Free Trial - The professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line - Softpedia
    Adobe Photoshop Free Trial - Download Photoshop CS3 30 Day Tryout |

    download paint shop pro-

    download fireworks-
    Download Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 Free Trial - Macromedia created Fireworks as a complete graphics applications aimed towards Web designers.

    phone theme makers-
    Free ringtones, themes, wallpapers, videos and games for your cell phone | Zedge
    Zedge | Make themes for your mobile cell phone online - Free your phone with the Theme Maker!
    OwnSkin: Free Nokia Themes, Nokia Theme Creator, SonyEricsson Themes

    online editing sites-
    LunaPic Online Photo Editor - Make free pictures for your Facebook Photos!! Free Online GIF Tools
    Snipshot: Edit pictures online :: online photo editor

    Tutorials- - The best Signature Tutorials!
    TutorialFx (Powered by Invision Power Board)
    Download Photoshop.Digital.Matte.Painting.-.Techniques.Tutorials.and.Walk-Throughs.pdf, upload your files and earn money.
    Good-Tutorials - Photoshop Tutorials
    Tutorial9 | Photoshop Tutorials, Photography Tuts, and Resources
    Tutorials - TheDesignWorld
    Photoshop Tutorials - RNELdotNET
    Index of /tutorials
    Photoshop Tutorials - Beginner to Advanced Photoshop Tutorials
    Free video tutorials by
    Tutorial Center - Tutorials For Everyone

    GFX Resources- | Graphic Resources | Image Renders | Photoshop Tutorials | GFX Tutorials | GFX Discussions | Graphics Help & Advice (Powered by Invision Power Board)

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    Awards Showcase

    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    Mizu Colouring Tutorial.

    Well Im all done and here is my first ever colouring tutorial , im going to post the image i used so that people can colour the image following my tut and i can see how they get on thanks

    If u cant see the writing . click the image then click the button to make it full size enjoy comments rep etc

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    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners.

    Before you can create Photoshop masterworks, you need to learn the basics. Even the most complex digital artworks are built on a foundation of simple actions. These 50 tutorials are aimed at the clever beginner who wants to master Photoshop from the roots.

    1)Manipulating a WW2 Fighter Aircraft

    2) 6 Quick 'n Dirty Text Effects From Scratch

    3)Make a Turn of the Century Vaudeville Poster

    4)Miodern Art

    5)Idiots Guide to Small Planets

    6)10 Step Lighting Effect

    7)3D Transform a Colorful Cube Design

    8)Silhouettes and Gradients

    9)Pencil It In

    10)Dramatic Wrinkles

    And much much more just visit this site ^.^

    goodluck everyone ^.^
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    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    How to find matching colors.

    When selecting colors for a wallpaper or a sig that you are making, you have to consider whether your color match or not. When finding two or more colors that match, ur picture will appear pleasing to the eye and it's easier to like. If you want to create a sig with a render, you of course need a background. The colors of the background should match the colors of the render or the other way around. The easiest way to this is by finding complementary colors.

    here's an easy way to find ur complementary color: Color Scheme Designer 3

    basically you pick the color that's on the opposite side of the color u want, or the color of your render. The color on the other side of the wheel will match as a BG. (in this wheel Red will match Cyan blue, bluish tones) The Color on the other side doen't have to be the exact color on the other side, just anything on the other side of the wheel within a small radius. These are called complements. Also u can pick colors using the Triad way, if u want three colors e.g and so on. see image below
    And where have you seen these colors combined before? :D That's right!

    I found this awesome program for just this called ColorShemer Studio
    order number: 30056671
    serial : CSS2FACB790E7B7D51A2

    The colors will appear pleasing to the eye this way.
    I have an example that i did here on NB a few days ago where i did just this:

    U see how the peach-red matches the green-yellow? see color wheel above

    Colormatching is very important when choosing colors for your pic, or else ur stuff will only not fall in taste, and you'll get nowhere.. :p try picturing yourself trying to decide the colors for ur walls in ur house to mach with the colors of ur roof. If ur roof is brown, then u don't want yellow walls, but perhaps something bluish. :p maybe a silly example. But you get the drill. I hope this will help you as well as others when making sigs and wallpapers. :D

    comments, reps appreciated :p
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    Awards Showcase

    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    Links to C4D Packs.

    Please be aware that these links are download links.

    Credits to ~stinky666
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 5]
    [Pack 6]
    [Pack 6]
    [Pack 7]
    [Pack 8]
    [Pack 8]
    [Pack 9]
    [Pack 10]
    [Pack 11]
    [Pack 12]
    [Pack 13]
    [Pack 14]
    [Pack 15]
    [Pack 16]
    [Pack 17]
    [Pack 18]
    [Pack 19]
    [Pack 20]
    [Pack 21]
    [Pack 22]
    [Pack 23]

    Credits to ~Angelus-Hellion
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 5]

    Credits to ~oOHereticOo

    Credits to ~Drugi
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 5]

    Credits to ~Lordsiyei
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]

    Credits to ~Gokuva

    Credits to ~xALIASx

    Credits to ~RoseCabriolet
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 5]
    [Pack 6]

    Credits to ~Quoenusz
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]

    Credits to ~charlycmjcla

    Credits to ~MrRoBiN
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 5]
    [Pack 6]
    [Pack 7]
    [Pack 8]
    [Pack 9]
    [Pack 10]
    [Pack 11]
    [Pack 12]
    [Pack 13]
    [Pack 14]
    [Pack 15]
    [Pack 16]
    [Pack 17]
    [Pack 18]
    [Pack 19]
    [Pack 20]
    [Pack 21]
    [Pack 22]
    [Pack 23]

    Credits to ~El-Nombre
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]

    Credits to ~Abject-gfx

    Credits to ~ElementsUnleashed
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]

    Credits to ~nRzH

    Credits to ~solubl3

    Credits to ~Arteek

    Credits to ~Gaara2k3

    Credits to ~OldManJames
    [Pack 1]
    [Pack 2]
    [Pack 3]
    [Pack 4]
    [Pack 5]
    [Pack 6]

    P.S. I don't own any of these packs.
    P.S.S. I didn't check all downloading links.

    I will update it with more links soon, you may help me by contributing more links. [/FONT][/CENTER][/I][/B]
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    Awards Showcase

    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    Photoshop Tutorials [for skilled and beginners]

    Hello all you GFXers and GFXers in Training. What I've organized here is tutorial Pack with the basic stuff, it's not completed yet, i will be making an edit later on today with the other 8 tutorials I have found, organized and researched.So for now, please use it well, by practicing you'll get the hang of it.

    Click the link Below

    |Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extnded|


    1)open photoshop
    2)Click on the brush icon on the left of the screen
    3)go to the brush selection list
    4)click "more"
    5)click Load, a window will pop up, then you select the location of your brush, select the brush, click ok, then scroll down and you see your brushes.

    After You Download

    The fonts should appear in the download folder as a file....just open the file, then extract or paste it to your desktop.

    How To Install The Fonts

    -Windows Vista-

    The downloaded text should now be on your desktop..follow these instructions

    1)Open Control panel
    2)in control panel, go to Appearance and Personalization
    3)Open the fonts folder and paste your fonts in

    Here is the video if you don't clearly understand

    -Windows XP-

    1)Open control panel
    2)Open fonts folder and paste/ drag them in

    Here's the video for Control Panel Layout #1

    Here's the video for control Panel Layout #2..please note how he changes the layout to Layout #1.

    Have Any Questions?
    Not Understanding Something?
    Just fill this out and myself or other designers will help you.

    PHP Code:
    B]Photoshop Version:[/B]

    Nocturnal for trying to help but failed

    Also to my supporters who find my tutorials useful and thank the thread :p

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    █▓▒░ GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    How to make the shine effect on GIMP.

    The GIMP
    GAP (GIMP animation Package. I'll put up a link soon)
    The image you wanna shine
    Basic Knowledge of Layers and other GIMP stuff (I'll try and be as detailed as possible)

    Important steps are coloured in red for advance users who know what they are doing

    Start out by opening up a new GIMP image and paste in your image. I chose an old sig of mine

    Make a New Folder and call it GAP (or whatever you wanna call it)

    Save your image as background pic_000001.xcf in the new folder that you just created

    Now open up a new GIMP image make it the same size as your previous image. Mine is 420 X 140 as my sig was that size.

    Delete the default background layer and make a new layer. Okay, now we make our shine effect.


    Select the freeform select tool.

    Our shine effect is pretty much just a giant bar running from one side to another. So the image we're aiming to make is this

    Start from the bottom Left. When you click a dot forms which and you can continue from there.

    go up and a bit to the right to make the wire slant. Make it slant as much as you think is right, but not too much

    now click to the right

    now downwards. try slanting it so it's parallel to the left

    and then join the line to the first dot

    If you make a mistake when making the shine bar selecting undo or pressing CTRL + Z won't work, so you'll have to click on another tool to reset your selection and start again

    This makes your selection. Now choose white as your colour, click on the fill tool and fill your selection. It should look like this

    now save it as Shine.xcf in your GAP folder


    Open up background pic_000001.xcf. On the menu bar click on Video -> Duplicate frames

    Set the "N Times" option to 100. Depending on how wide your image is you might want to add more frames or less, as more frames equals a smoother animation. An avatar would probably be at 50 frames. Click OK. It will take some time to create the frames.

    *Note* Now they'll be a bunch of .xcf files in your GAP folder so don't be alarmed O.O


    With Shine.xcf open, go to background pic_000001.xcf and click on Video -> Move Path

    A dialog box will pop up. Here is were we will animate.

    1. First set your source image to Shine.xcf

    2. change you step mode to none

    3. change opacity to 45%

    4. At the bottom click instant apply.
    Your shine bar appears

    5. Now the X Slider. At the right of it there will buttons to increase or decrease the number, so decrease the number till your bar is just out of sight.

    6. Now to the right click add point. Back at the X slider, slide it all the way to the right or till your bar disappears and click add point again

    7. At the bottom right there is a button called Anim Preview. Click it.

    A dialog box appears.

    Check "exact object on frames" and set "Scale Preview" to 100%

    The bottom slider is how fast your object (Shine bar) will move. 24fps is a decent speed so keep it at that if you want and click ok

    Two new windows will open up. One will be a new GIMP image with all the frames and another will be the animation preview.

    *Note* The bar is not supposed to be a solid white. this is just a rushed example

    Click the play button to see your animation action. If you're happy with the speed of the animation continue to the next step, if not close both of the new windows and start again from step 7 and change the speed to what you prefer


    Close the Preview window and the move path dialog box. Now in your new Untitled image go to Filters -> Animation -> Optimize for GIF

    A new window pops up.

    In the new window go to Image -> Mode -> Indexed. Set Max colours to 256 and "Colour Dithering" to Floyd Steinberg (reduced colour bleeding)

    Now Save it as "Whatever you want".GIF in a different folder. Make sure you click save as animation in the dialog box that appears and you're done

    My first tut so I hope you like it. There will definitely be some problems so kindly point 'em out. I'd like to see your results so post 'em if below and if you have any questions post 'em below or PM me
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    GFX Tutorials and Resources Hall

    Graphic Design Dictionary

    A list of Graphic Terms used when designing. [/CENTER]

    Animated GIF - A small animation based on continuous GIF images, giving the impression of movement or action.
    Animation - Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames.
    Atmo - The atmosphere in a signature / piece of work.
    Artwork - An Artowrk is a slighty different form of a signature. Most of the times it's way bigger, about 800x600.

    Background - The background is behind all your effects and focal. Its usually blurry so that the focal gets more attention.
    Blending - It's to make the render part/match the background.
    Blurring - The term for adding depth to your image. A tool in photoshop.
    Burn - A term used when darkening areas of the image. A tool in photoshop.
    Brush - A tool in photoshop.

    CnC- Comment & Critique. It is the feedback a user gives to an artist, you usually point out the pros and cons.
    C4D - Abstract renders created in the program, Cinema 4D. They can be used for effects and lighting in your image.
    Composition - Its how well your image is put together.
    Crop - Used to remove unneeded areas/parts in an image.
    Concept - The main idea behind the image.
    Clipping Mask - It's used to blend renders in a signature or create some effects in the background.
    Collab - Short for Collaboration, it's when two or more people work together on one piece.

    Depth - Adds distance to your image. Things far away should seem far away and things close by needs to be clear.
    Dodge - Used to brighten parts of the image. A tool in photoshop.

    Emboss - Gives the image a 3D-like effect.
    Effect - Resources used in the image to make it more appealing. They are usually bright and vibrant but not always.

    Focal Point - The main focus in your image. In most cases, its the render/stock you chose to work with.
    Fractals - Similar to C4Ds, not 3D though. They are used for effects and lighting in your image.
    Flow - The direction the effects are going towards in an image.
    Font - The tex-tart chosen in your image.

    GFX - Graphic Effects.
    Gradient Map - A tool in photoshop. It can be used to blend in your render to the background.

    HQ - High Quality.

    Lighting - The shadows in the image are controlled by Lighting. Lighting is created by a light source.
    Light Source - The source of the light in an image. The shadows follow the direction of the Light source.
    LQ - Low Quality.
    Layers - They hold single images that are stacked above each other to form one whole image.

    Messy - If there is too much going on in a Signature and you can barely see anything because of too many effects, it's messy.
    Monotone - This is when your image consists of one color.

    Outcome - An outcome is what you call the end product of a tutorial.
    Overcontrasted - As the name says, when the contrast is too high in the signature / piece of work.
    Overlightened - When there is too much lighting going on in your signature.
    Oversharpened - Oversharpening, it makes your signature looks bad when everything is too sharp.
    Opacity - The transparency of a layer.

    Photo Manipulation - Manipulating a regular image to make it look like something else.
    .PSD - Photoshop file extension.
    .PNG - Gives an image high quality. It also allows for transparent backgrounds.

    Render - A render is what you call a cut out piece of an image with a transparent background.
    Rip - A rip is when a designer claims the work of another person to be his own.

    Scanlines - Scanlines are pattern or brushes in Photoshop / Gimp (mostly pattern).
    Smudge - The Smudge-Tool is an important part of Photoshop which allows you to smudge images.
    Sprites - Sprites are figures or objects out of very old video games. (EXAMPLE)
    Stock - Is just a regular image, mostly photos.

    Typo - As in Typography, means the creation of a graphic / text. It is understood as a way to express using text, images, lines, surfaces to make an even more creative text in your piece of work.


    Thanks Mercy for adding:

    Clipping Mask
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    Awards Showcase

    How to add videos into a signature tutorial.

    OK guys somebody asked me to make this so i made this in an hour, so dont be harsh this is my 1st tut ever,

    Sorry for the grammar and the lame background, sacrificed look for the Font read.

    This is a tut made for Photoshop CS2 in Image REady. so rep would be great,

    btw making tuts is really annoying

    And this is the result
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