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Fodders don't exist in the Naruto Verse. Nor have there ever been a person that fits that term. Just another excuse from haters.

Not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome.
Having no ability or skill in a specified activity or area: "he was useless at football".
vain - futile - worthless - unavailing - good-for-nothing

Everyone in the Naruto Verse in this war is fighting to protect there world. And everyone is having a part in protecting there comrades.

Naruto's main goal in his life was to be respected and acknowledge by everyone in his village. That's why he sought to become Hokage. He looked up to everyone heed in his life. Even his own rival he had a hidden desire to become like that person. To strive to become the man he wants to be.

Funny how everyone who looked down at Naruto and depicted him to be "The Hyper Active Knuckle Head Ninja"
We're never seized to be amazed. Seeing how Naruto grew stronger by protecting his friends and following his Ninja Way to never back down no matter what. Naruto has become an inspiration to everyone. Seeing how far he has gone it has move others to have a goal and to catch up to Naruto. We can see Hinata has the same goal as Naruto and she used his sense of never giving up and risking her life to protect Naruto. Others have has such faith as the "Will Of Fire" to have undying passion to protect the village. And that will make people stronger.

This notion of Fodders have been going on for a long time. And Kishimoto has made people to become stronger. And we have role models like Naruto and others. No ones a fodder. I don't know why people even consider that. Each and everyone in the Naruto Verse has there own goals and strifes that make then stronger. More or less.

Like I said Fodders Don't Exist. Any flaming or complaining will be reported. Please have the rules in mind. This is a discussion not a bloody war. Any irrelevant comments will be reported.