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    BM Naruto can solo itachi and sasuke same time

    Hey guys m not trying to cause flaming but base on resent happenings i think it is debateable that naruto can solo sasuke and itachi with mid or high diff since both susanoos are incomplete maybe even more weaker than madara's incomplete susanoo that gai destroyed.
    Naruto with his BM clones can face em one TBB each i think will do .
    And another thing i think sasuke withdrawing from the battle field also ment he is not at naruto's power level (kishi's thought) yet so kishi made the opportunity for him to power up to naruto's level aside that lets assume sasuke didn't go with oro but went after naruto with itach without power up i think naruto can solo sasuke and itachi (both with incomplete susanoos) mid diff.
    NOTE: don't get me wrong guys i just need your opinion on this i know some guys like lord sasuke being praised i ain't underating him at all i was just trying to share some fact and it really noting to flame about it never gonna happen itachi is dead this thread i just a WHAT IF thread thats all.
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