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    Rank the Bond Actors

    Who do you think portrayed James Bond the best? The worst?

    After 5 decades and six actors, I think it's a pretty tough competition for picking one above the rest. After all, it all depends on what appeals to you. One's best may be another's worst, so without further ado, here's mine:

    1.) Sean Connery- Connery invented smooth when it came to Bond.

    2.) Daniel Craig- Craig's brought more emotion and depth to the character than any of the other actors in my opinion. I'm a sucker for the emotion.

    3.) Roger Moore- He was very good for the most part. He was hilarious and smooth, but also pulled off the killing mentality very well. I just think he stayed in too long. A View to a Kill was terrible.

    4.) Pierce Brosnan- The best that can be said about him was that he was the perfect rendition of the "Novel Bond". He was good enough to keep the franchise alive.

    5.) Timothy Dalton- I just don't think he was a good fit for the part.

    6.) George Lazenby- Too little time, not enough production.

    -To be honest, I like Craig the best. I just think he needs more time to be given the "#1 spot"
    If he keeps his current level of performance up, I think he'll go down as the best.

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    Re: Rank the Bond Actors

    Daniel Craig's the best in acting Bond's role.

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