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2) it is considered virtually indestructible because there is no known natural way of breaking it. Wolverines bones coated wuth adamantium metal which is considered virtually indestructible because there is no other natural way to break it. However, it is still susceptible to magnetos magnetic power, rendering wolverine vulnerable against his techniques.

Kimmis bones are stronger than any living bones which is why using regular taijutsu is fruitless against him because the wont break anything. I'm certain that using other forms of taijutsu, like jyuuken or the gates, which are unnatural forms of taijutsu would prove more useful than regular taijutsu.

3)then Kakashi comes in with a raikiri and plows straight through it or uses lighting chain to cut it in half.

4) you have inuzuka s who could use their drilling taijutsu techniques against him, the akimichis who use super strength and their size to crush his sand, the hyuugas who can use their jyuuken to disable his sand armor, naras to immobilize him, yamanakas to get into his mind, aburames to eat through the sand. I think he would have some MAJOR problems against this village
Imobilising him is of no use as he only needs his mind to control the sand, he can block other attacks as well and do not forget that he can sink all of them in to the ground and crush them or let them suffocate.