since law proposed with luffy to take down a yonko and it is possibly charlotte linlin and the event or arc could be in the very near future , i decided i would bring up several points about her abilites:

please dont flame if something sounds stupid i found it hard enough putting this into words...

1.sweet/candy devil fruit
this is a big mistake many people make when guessing her powers , if she had that kind of ability , why would she need payment from other countries to maintain their protection? if she had the ability to utilise sweets in some way , then why not make some herself?

2.acid fruit:
knowing she is a yonko and she could have a devil fruit power it would have to be a logia like acid(as seen in her introduction she drools acid).or an OP paramecia or mythical zoan , lots of people say , if not a sweet/candy fruit, then an acid logia fruit, if that was the case , then why did magellans poison act like acid? what was the point? no two fruits have the same abilities, magellans devil fruit was pretty much acid with poisonous properties.

3. lots of people expect that she must have a logia fruit ability, or she would be too slow and almost anyone in the new world could take her down , thats not necessarily true , because there are a few HUGE people whom are pretty fast... like garp for example , although he may not be on the same size scale as big mama,size is almost irrelivant in the OP world.

4. lots of people forget the fact that there have only been 1 ancient zoan and its about time we saw another! seeing that she could have that much acid in her stomach and that it does NOT affect her , she surely needs an OP fruit not mimicking magellan with poisonous or digestive abilities. quite a few large beasts could use acid or venom... and considering her size it would have to be quite big right? well what if... that monster only needed a strong stomach and she found a way to utilise the acid inside that monstrous stomach? she could become some giant komodo dragon thing... but that would be slightly out of proportion . i think that it can be a large sauropod dinosaur like thingy. i have seen a few ideas like a huge frog with acid weilding abilites which is quite interesting

so what do you guys think her devil fruit abilites are if she has one?