This is how the fight will go.

Byakuya initiates trash talking.

Kenpachi responds saying its time for a fight.

Byakuya starts off with fancy shunpo and hits Kenpachi.

Kenpachi grabs Byakuya's sword and slashes him.

Byakuya activates shikai and attacks Kenpachi.

Kenpachi gets excited and dodges all blades from Byakuya.

Kenny gets bored and lets blades hit him.

Byakuya lets his guard down and gets hit by an unscathed Kenny.

Talk commences about how Kenny survived.

Byakuya activated BANKAI and swarms Kenny.

Kenny takes off his eyepatch and destroys all his blades.

Kenny runs over for the final blow and recieves a strong kido to the heart.

Before falling out he stabs Byakuya and both fall down and die.

Fight ends in draw.