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I also don't like how Kakashi & co can just get chakra from the Kyuubi, does Naruto have infinite chakra now?
Well, Kurama Bijuus have infinite chakra as far as I know so it seems like Naruto is now some sort of ambulant chakra salesman.

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But they are not winning. The Juubi is has countered everything they did. Not mention it's still sitting on its belly not on it's hind legs.

The Juubi tanked a country level combined attack without a scratch. It's gaining a consciousnesses..A mind of its own.

It's faster than BM Naruto who is the fastest ninja in their world..
Well yeah but look at i, now they're preparing a counterattack and stuff... Naruto had time to gather Natural energy and everything.
I'm like... "Are you ****ing kidding me?"