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Well, good that you enjoyed it and you're happy, some of us aren't that happy.
The only part I enjoyed was the non-fairy tail-ish Juubi.
I tend not to get satisfied with what I want, I'd rather have quality over quantity. That's "my" problem.
The way Juubi it's portrayed should've wiped them down by now...
Anyway... to each his own.
Yeh but really you do realise that this thing with 1 BLAST wiped out their continuous bijudama blasts? I think ur being quite ridiculous...this thing is fast and indescribably destructive and right now has them by the nuts...picture it - if it immediately came and destroyed them that would not go well --- what then would happen next? sasuke comes and save the day?? smh - it jus wouldn't make sense...this thing hasn't even warmed up yet and its already handing out whoopass like christmas presents lol. If not for the well timed move I'm sure bee wouldn't have made it with a blast of that magnitude...anywho as you say to each his own...but I liked the chapter cuz it showed overwhelming power from the jubi yet they are still thinking and fighting hard...kurama running the show was also good imo.