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chapter 611 prediction an eye for an eye

caption: Gyuki moves in to attack is the jubbi done for?

As killer bee releases the taield beast bomb the ten tails eye glows and the tomoe begin spinning at a rapid pace the ball hits the eye only to be returned at ten times the size it was fired gyuuki is hit and the ball explodes.

Naruto: uncle bee!

madara: time for this world to end.

naruto: no i won't let you win!

madara: it's hopeless nine tails brat GIVE UP!

naruto: you give up, bijuu ball!

naruto holds his arms high into the air forming a tailed beast ball on sprit bomb size levels.

obito: so much chakra.

naruto: go back to where you came from you undead bastrd!

naruto throws it the ten tails easly smacks it back with just one tail kakakshi kamuis it away tentails releases a large amount of chakra 20 times teh size of narutos, kakashi kamuis it aswell guy releases a day time tiger but it does nothing to the ten tails.

guy: nothings effecting it!

kakashi: we can't give up we're fighting for the sake of the world, i will kill obito if i have to to save the ninja world to save naruto!

obito: why won't you give up on this world its hopeless you would all end up killing each other anyway.

kakashi: because i'm not like you, i'm not worse then trash!


obito opens his hands releaseing a large shirna tensei gyuuki saves naruto and kakashi kakashi kamuis himself to behind obito slashing the connection he has to ten tails and grabs him kakashi then looks at anruto.

Kakashi: this is my battle naruto, i've failed you as a sensei and i've failed obito as a friend like you and sauske its my job to fight obito!

naruto: kakashi sensei!

kakashi: i'll be back, because i don't abond my comrades.

oboito: fool i'll just telport myself back! you're wasteign chakra.

kakashi: no because you mis under stand what i'm kamui'ing.

obito: !

kakashi kamuis obitos eye crushing it entirely but the strain blinds kakashis left eye

obito: AH!

obito holds his eye in pain as it comes bleeding out.

kakashi: an eye for an eye wouldn't you say?

obito: you bastrad!

kakashi: you gave me this eye its only fitting that with it i take out both of them.

obito: it doesn't matter the moons eye plan can be continued with rinnegan.

kakashi: you don't get it with that the obito i knew is dead, now i can fight * looks up intensely with bad ass face* with the intent to kill, you've fallen obito you've caused minato's senseis death my students betray and a ninja war you've killed thousands of innocents and as the one who taught naruto all what you did as the one who dedicated his life to your memory its my duty TO KILL YOU! thats my ninja way.

obito: fine then its about time we ended this!

madara: have fun obito i can't help out in your personal things.

chapter end,

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