Herro everyone i know i ''quit'' NB but i come back occasionly to check up on you guys.

SOOW point of this thread is to try and explain that Kakashi's kamui does not affect your eyesight at all, in fact all it does in strain your eyesight.

Here we see a picture of Kakashi bleeding off his eye after excessive use of his Kamui.

So now you guys are all wondering in anticipation ''doesn't dat proof dat he's going blind?!''

Well no. simply because he used Kamui to the point his eyes began to bleed because of the strain it cause

So i'm trying to make the point across that Kamui only requires precision and a great amount of chakra to be cast succesfully.

As proven that after his eyes bled he has used Kamui for over 7 times without any strain only because he had to use it in a near-death scenario and after he got his chakra back from Karuma he was able to use it as if it was a normal thing just like shown here:

Either Kakashi has become accustomed to Kamui and mastered it like Obito or just because of all this fighting with being forced to use Kamui he can use it to the point where he can conserve more chakra using Kamui instead of in the past, or it's because of the amount of chakra he got from Karuma that prevents him from getting any strain for the time being.

And also here where he can import the Hachibi in his dimension and instantly export him outside of the dimension in the location he wishes to extract them:

I love you