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    [Open] Kwalker VS ???

    As stated in the title this is an Open Spar so who ever post first gets to fight. I would prefer anyone with greater RP experience to test my own but anyone is fine.

    Reis R&R
    CJ's Allowed
    CE's Allowed
    CW's Allowed
    CS's Allowed
    Kai/Sub Allowed
    Long Range
    Killing Allowed
    Stealing disallowed
    Water source to my left (your right)
    Grassy plain area with a lake to my left and tree's to my right

    Kenesu Hinokami in sig or go by THIS since it will be my update soon.
    If you want to do a 2 bio fight (my two vs your two) then state so in your first post. If not then post your bio and make your move.

    *Kenesu Hinokami begins walking through the grassy plains with a slight breeze passing through the air. He notices the grass that smells freshly mowed, the cool moisture in the air due to the lake, bugs chirping and flying through the air at dusk. As the sun goes down, it making a dark deep purple and orange/red colors blooming through the clouds in the sky. As he continues walking he makes 2 ash clones of himself and pulls out his yo-yo extending it downward and yanks it back up with a quick but smooth movement with his right hand. His left hand over the hilt of his sword sheath at his waist (the other clones are doing the same).*

    Kenesu: "So who dares approach me?"

    *Kenesu watches out in front of him awaiting for someone to respond.*

    Fire Release: Ash clone (Katon: Kaijin bunshin)
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: B
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 20
    Damage: N/A (20 if ignited)
    Description: The User creates a clone of himself made of ash infused with his fire chakra. When the clone gets hit, it will return to its pure ash form, dark grey color, which spreads in the air & can be ignited. The clone has all the normal movements the user has and can also be intentionally dispersed forming a cloud of ash which can be ignited.
    Can only create 2 clones at a time and follows all clone related rules.
    Cannot use Ninjutsu or Taijutsu based techniques.
    Can only be taught by -Jiraiya-

    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short Range
    Chakra: 40 Chakra If special technique is activated
    Damage: 80 Damage
    Originally made as a weapon, the Yo-yo was created back in the medieval times and was all metal. It was 2 circular piece's (like the yo-yo's of today) with spikes on the sides connected to a wire that was attracted to a glove. When you used it, it would come back to your hand. It was used as a weapon because it was fast, deadly, and returned to you. This yo-yo however (same design) is quit different. When the user "throw" the yo-yo and it reaches full length (and if the user wants to launch the shurikens) shurikens fly out of the sides out of slits in the yo-yo. Using the yo-yo's extremely fast spin while at full length it launches the shurikens from the sides at regular speed. The Yo-yo itself is made out of very strong metal and the wire is made out of the same metal alloy making it incredibly strong and almost unbreakable. It can hold 5 shurikens on each side and by simply pressing a button on the right side of the yo-yo the inner compartment ejects out making it easier to replace the shurikens if needed by inserting a special clip in.
    Special technique: By making the dragon hand sign with the yo-yo in the user's hand and by channeling small amounts of Raiton chakra into the yo-yo itself the next time the user extends the yo-yo to full length and release the shurikens they will be stronger, sharper.
    ~This weapon above can only be used by Kwalker394
    ~Only 1 extra clip can be used during one battle
    ~Cant use a Raiton attack for 2 turns after this weapons special technique is activated
    ~Special technique can only be used once during battle
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    Re: [Open Spar] Testing RP skills

    Lets have talking not affect the time frame that way we can make it more fun :p lol

    *As Kenesu see's a dark haired man walk towards him in a black coat he notices the man's eye's shine red in the dusk sky.*

    Kenesu: "Nice eye's.....are they your night light or something?"

    *As Kenesu say's this he notices that the eye's form 2 Tomeos around the pupil and they stare not at Kenesu but its like they pierce through him like hes not even there. Now knowing his opponent has a sharingan he has to be careful now and plans out his next few moves carefully. Kenesu and his clones (C1 and C2) stand on each side of Kenesu on his left and right behind him. Knowing the sharingan tactics pretty well Kenesu and C1 dashes off towards his opponent.*

    Kenesu: "I see your eye's now lets see if they can truly keep up."

    *As Kenesu takes off C1 runs right behind Kenesu blocking the sharingan's view of his hands. Being in his C2 attar (stated in the bio posted above or you can see how it looks in my sig) Kenesu places his yo-yo in between his hands and red gloves while channeling his Raiton chakra in his yo-yo effecting the shurikens. At the same time Kenesu placed his yo-yo in his hands, C1 preforms the Tiger hand seal and make the earth below Kenesu to rise up and makes a gigantic rampart. While Kenesu runs up the ramp (still in view of you) he jumps up into the air feeling the cool breeze of the now night sky. C1 stops as soon as the makes the ramp not following Kenesu (by this time we would be mid range now).
    *Backing up a lil bit* Once Kenesu and C1 takes off C2 lines up behind C1 and quickly but un-noticeably goes underground and as the ramp rises up you wouldnt even tell if he is there or not plus you can't see through my jutsu since its my chakra. Once Kenesu launches off the ramp he extends his yo-yo and releases 10 shurikens at his target Roy Mustang. One of those shurikens, infused with Raiton chakra, explodes and turns into shrapnel with a Raiton net in between all of the pieces after he makes the Ram hand seal. As soon as Kenesu launches off the ramp C2 appears right below Roy and grabs his feet making it so he can not move. As Roy can no longer move he gets trapped by the Raiton net shocking him and stunning him making him fall to the ground as well punctured with the rest of the shurikens. Landing Kenesu quickly stands up and retracts his yo-yo back to his right hand as C1 walks up the ramp.*

    Kenesu: "Looks like the sharingan is just all hype and got nothing to back it up. Too bad I was hoping for a better fight."

    Note: I did channel my Raiton in my yo-yo but it only affected 1 shuriken and not the rest so it doesn't count as my yo-yo's ability

    To recap because I notice that my post was kinda confusing:
    1. Kenesu runs with C1 right behind him and at the same time C2 lines up right behind them and goes underground and Roy cant see because of the below jutsu and because Kenesu and C1 blocks the view
    2.C2 makes the ramp rise and since Roy cant see his hand seal Roy wont know what type of technique he's using but since its a giant ramp of earth he wouldn't really need a sharingan for that but I did that so Roy wouldn't know how to counter right away plus it makes a cover for C2
    3. Kenesu channels Raiton in the yo-yo, jumps off the ramp and extends the yo-yo and launches the shurikens at Roy
    4. C2 rises out of the ground grabbing Roy making it so Roy cant move
    5. Kenesu activates the jutsu with the Ram hand seal making the shuriken explode and forms the net trapping you

    Sorry if its kinda messy as I stated in the VM I have to get up early so I did this quickly lol If you have any complaints, questions or anything just VM me and lets keep this thread free of arguing and have fun ^_^

    (Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu) – Earth Release: Hiding like a mole technique
    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Long
    Chakra cost: 15
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: The user changes earth into fine sand by channeling chakra into it, allowing the user to dig through it like a mole. While underground one can sense what is happening on the surface and use the information to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. Once can also hide deep in the ground, escaping to a depth where the enemy cant reach. It also appears that after digging, the ground can be returned to its original state, leaving no trace of where the user entered the earth.

    (Doton: Doryū Jōheki) - Earth Release: Earth Flow Rampart
    Rank: B
    Type: Defence/Supplementary
    Range: Short/Mid
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: By performing the Tiger hand seal the user then makes a gigantic rampart rise up beneath the user's feet, by shaping the ground and increasing the amount of earth with chakra. Depending on what the user imagines, the shape of the rampart can be anything from level ground to a steep, needle-like mountain. If the user increases the volume of earth too much, he can be forced to keep his chakra consumption down. The user can combine this jutsu with Water Style: Waterfall Basin Technique to create a waterfall.

    (Raiton: Ryuusandan Haratsu Ami) Lightning Release: Shrapnel Explosion Net
    Rank: B
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short-Long
    Chakra: 20
    Damage: 40
    Description: The user charges a large amount of raiton chakra into a single kunai/shurikan and throws it at the opponent. The user then may preform a single hand seal and cause the raiton built up within the kunai to explode outwards causing the object to explode into multiple, metal shards covered in raiton that are connected to each other by a multiple electrical currents, creating a net effect that will easily subdue an opponent.

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