Now obviously Chiyo is the stronger of the 2, being a puppet master and a top medical ninja, but I think Zabuza may have a chance here. Honestly I don't know if he can actually win because Chiyo's jutsu's are very powerful, but she hasn't shown sensing abilities or Sharingan to react and locate Zabuza in the mist.

If Zabuza puts up mist, which he obviously will because he did against Kakashi about 3 feet away from him in their second battle and when he was an edo, did it against 10,000+ shinobi. Then I can't really see if she can sense Zabuza if even Kakashi with a 3 tomoe Sharingan barely could in the mist, plus even if she can, how is she going to dodge and react to his clone feints?

Its a tough match in my eyes, you really have to think, but do you think Zabuza can pull it off?

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