the joker or bane?

i was really surprised on how tom hardy portrayed bane and the character in the movie. there was doubt in my mind about this character but i was impressed with him, not really familiar with bane in the comics but liked the emotional side of him in the movie, i didn't see it coming

i wasn't that surprised at all with heath ledger as the joker, heath was a good actor and did a fantastic job with the joker and knew the character was going to be great in the movie, there isnt much that can be said about the joker it's a shame that they couldnt continue on with the character

that being said, i actually preferred bane over the joker because i was surprised how well the character did and was portrayed by tom hardy. he doesnt blow out the joker though, just edges in a little bit more

who was your favorite villain in the trilogy? or in the batman franchise? or in comic books/movies and if you can explain why