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    Awards Showcase

    The Golden Uchiha

    ރBasic Information
    Name: Mathias
    Nickname: Tschikage-Sama, Mathy, Goldy ☼
    Gender: Male ♂
    Age: Twenty-One
    Clan: Uchiha
    Family: Luciano

    Looks: Mathias is a tall and dignified young man with golden hair standing up like a blazing flame. He is described as handsome with an elegant face, and his eyes, crimson like blood, are visibly not those of a human and give off a mysterious radiance that makes people wither. He has a "perfect, Golden-proportioned body" described as emanating majesty that makes flames surrounding him afraid to come close. He wears golden earrings, shaped as rectangles and circular bracelets. He wears a shoulder short cape-like open front cloth, supported by a golden shoulder necklace made up of small square blocks, with a purple rhombus on each right corner, with fine golden threads at the edge. Covering his lower abdomen, a rare light-weight non magnetic alloy which is golden with hexagons bordered with purple). An/A (Easily removable) Thick golden belt holds the long open front red kilt, where golden figures. He also wears black tights pants, on top of which he wears a long golden leg protectors with purple figures, ending with a purple-laced sandals connect. Underneath his armor lays a thin coat of rubber to prevent himself to be electrocuted by conducted electricity throughout the armor. All thought his exposed areas Mathias is seen warped in bandages which are utilized in his fighting style. He also has these bandages wrapped underneath his armor, in short, his entire body aside from hands and face are wrapped in bandages, wrapped in a such a way that they will not hinder his mobility same as with his armor. Mathias is also seen with a custom built gas mask tied around his neck to counter-act the effects of his DE Gas. The mask has a special feature that allows Mathias to open the mouth section so that he can release attacks without damaging the mask.

    Personality: Mathias, from the first look, he is very easily predictable person. A simple smile always put up on his face, his forehead without any creases, and his head always held high. Never showing any rude attitude towards strangers, and one of those person who leave an extraordinary first impression on the people who he meets. His usual conversations ending in a laughter, someone who really believes that spreading happiness could be the key to inner peace of mind. All these qualities just adds to his leadership skills, along with mercy and compassion. Never taking harsh measures in serious situation, instead thinking it throughly with every possible way of coming to a solution that avoids fight and unnecessary bloodshed. But indeed a man of pride. The only thing that could trigger his emotions if someone tries to steal or harm the pride and glory.

    ރVillage Information
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Iwagakure

    ރRank & Chakra Information
    Ninja Rank: The Sage of Archery
    Specialty: Fire, Archery, Taijutsu
    ➳ Rain Release Completed
    Water Release Completed
    ➳ Earth Release Mastered
    Wind Release Completed
    ➳ Fire Release Completed
    Lightning Release Completed
    ➳ Temperature Release Completed
    Volcanic Water Release Completed
    ➳ Blazing Earth Release Mastered
    Diethyl Ether Release Mastered

    ➳ Ninjutsu Completed
    Genjutsu Completed non-sharingan
    ➳ Taijutsu Completed
    Kenjutsu Completed
    ➳ Fūinjutsu Completed non-medical
    Kaito's Taijutsu Training
    ➳ Sniper Arts Mastered
    Bandage Arts Mastered
    ➳ Summoning Eels & Ligers Signer/Signer
    Sharingan Requires Awakening
    ➳ Drunken Monkey Fist Training
    NB Genjutsu Training
    ➳ Medical Ninjutsu Training

    ރBackground Information
    History: This is the story of two brothers, Mathias and Hazama. Their parents are from two prominent families; Their father, Elias from the notorious Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure while their mother, Aseama was from the royal Luciano family in Iwagakure.

    Aseama wasn't at all what her family name portrayed her to be. Mothering in nature, Aseama was hardly ever seen to be angry. She was a good nature'd woman who tended to her family. Nothing else mattered; especially not wealth. And she knew that while living within the Luciano Manor that she was not like the rest of her family. It was the reason that she left and sought out a better, more simple life for herself. It was then that she met Elias and they settled down together in Konohagakure.

    Elias was an accomplished Sharingan user. He was able to awaken his Mangekyō Sharingan during the third Great Shinobi War, and killed many people with it before death. His technique, however, was one that killed many others, as well as himself. No one from his squad survived that fight, however it was discovered through a member of the Yamanaka Clan that Elias' ability was quite devastating, and was hushed up by the Third Hokage and forbidden to be talked about similar to the Kyubi incident. Their father however was written in the history books as a hero. Somewhere in the Forbidden Archives of Konohagakure, were details of Elias' Mangekyō Sharingan abilities as well as the look of the eye itself. Hazama was four and Mathias just a baby when their father passed.

    Years later, the first act of the Uchiha rebellion was to steal the Archive for their records. The Uchiha also decided that it was in Hazama's as well as Mathias' best interest if they knew and understood the abilities that they may one day possess. This would lead to controlling their ability so that they did not die as their father did. They made two copies and gave it to Aseama the week before the Great Uchiha Massacre. At that time, Hazama was thirteen, and Mathias nine. The Uchiha figured that they needed to start secretly sending Uchiha's out of Konohagakure as quickly and quietly as possible. Aseama, Hazama and Mathias were the first, but certainly not the last family to be taken out of the village. With Shishui believed to be dead, and Itachi looking more and more like a traitor every day, the Uchiha deemed their bloodline to be the most prominent. However they could not simply just let them be unaccounted for. The Uchiha had been secretly using Shisui to control multiple people, forcing them to assume the shape and chakra of the families that they were sneaking out. They also went so far as to have the individuals use the
    Shadow Mirror Body Change Method to permanently assume shape of the individuals, so that even upon death their escape would not go unnoticed. It is unknown how many Uchiha were able to escape the village. As they got older however, Hazama and Mathias came to understand that there were many in different villages.

    Time Skip...

    As he parted ways with his brother in order achieve greatness, Mathias finally reached Amgegakure. The rain automatically caught his attention as he decided to stay a few months. During that time, Mathias passed a very prestigious battle where he show cased complete mastery over the wind and water element. He was granted the right to learn the arts of rain release. Mathias didn't stay there very long, just long enough to learn the basics of rain. Mathias then set up once again as he traveled across the ninja world in search of enlightenment.

    After a few weeks of travel, Mathias finally returned to Iwagakure. He went straight to Toku the current Tsuchikage of the village and asked him to officially join the village as a full-fledged shinobi. After some background checking with the his Iwagakure half, the Luciano Family, Toku decided is was okay for Mathias to join the village Officially.

    Toku then came to find out about the test Mathias had passed in Amegakure to learn the art of rain. Toku took it upon himself to teach Mathias how to utilize that hidden potential he had in rain release. In four months time, Mathias had complete mastery over the rain element.

    To be continued...


    Sniper Arts - Aside from swordplay, Mathias specializes in using a bow to fight with. He has excellent field of vision and can shoot arrows with pinpoint accuracy, even at night. Essential for a hunter, he moves around silently and tracks the enemy based on slight movement and sounds, getting an estimation of where he is. Being a master sniper has given Mathias increased tracking speeds to help him keep up with faster targets.(In approved CFS template)

    Earth Affinity - Being the new Tscuhikage of Iwagakure and the village's main element, Mathias has adapted so well tot his element that he is able to utilize it to its fullest potential with the usage of only a single hand seal.

    Fire Affinity - Being the Uchiha's notorious element and having trained in it for years, Mathias has developed the ability to perform fire techniques much faster than other shinobi.

    Heat - Due to his usage of Temperature, Volcanic Water, and Blazing Earth release, Mathias has grown a resistance to such extreme heats so that he can use his elements with ease and no harm.(Stated in Blazing Earth's template)

    Bow & Arrows - A double bladed bow called the God of Wind n' Earth is on Mathias back, held diagonally, having the edge pointing out of the back of his right shoulder. In cannon fights he has a regular bow with the same design. He carries a very light weight golden rectangular case filled with non magnetic metal arrows that have various gimmicks including arrows that follow a curved path instead of straight, some that explode, and others that split apart into a net. Every arrow that Mathias shoots contains one explosive tag tucked inside. The arrow case is being held slightly behind Mathias' right waist area, having easy access to his arrows.

    Ninja Pouches - Inside of his ninja pouches Mathias keeps pre-drawn scrolls to perform "Ho/Mizu/Kaze/Tsuchi/Rai Houin". He also has many small pre-drawn seals stored within his ninja pouches. Mathias has affixed a seal to each of his wrists which allows him to summon his extra Bow, bandages, Katana, shuriken of different sizes, including normal shuriken, giant size Fuuma shuriken, kunais, and even his arrows. Or combinations of kunais/arrows with flash grenades, and smoke grenades. He even has stored clothing and outfits to change whenever he pleases by simply summoning them to the field.

    Seals - Mathias has a seal located in the top part of his back along with another one on the lower part of his back which he himself created. Upon finishing his Fūinjutsu training, Mathias was allowed the privilege of possessing the Reverse Four Symbols Seal.
    Swords & Daggers - Mathias carries a single golden Katana at all times, located on his left waist, being held by a purple strap which warps around his waist. Mathias carries three daggers with him at all times. One is placed on his right leg, the other one on his left. The last one is placed on his lower back, which cannot be seen easily. To accompany his sword play, Mathias also wields a double edged long sword, diagonally across his back, creating an "X" with his bow. Both are placed in a such a way that they wouldn't hinder each other when being drawn.

    유Tenshu Kaze kyou Tsuchi 유 God of Wind n' Earth
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra Cost: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Description: 'The Tenshu Kaze kyou Tsuchi' was crafted by Mathias many years ago. The bow is made of a very rare indestructible material, the main two colors of the bow are black on white. However when Mathias gets a hold of Tenshu Kaze kyou Tsuchi, it automatically recognizes its owner and starts emitting a bright heavenly white glow from Mathias' own chakra signature. The special crafted string allows the wielder to shoot as many arrows as he pleases without the string breaking and allows anything shot through the bow to travel twice as fast compared to regular traveling arrows. If any other person picks up the bow it will have no effect on them. The bow nor the string will react to the holders chakra signature and will be "stuck" like a bow shaped in stone with no use whatsoever. The edges of the bow are as sharp as a swords blade. If the user pleases he could easily use the bow itself to protect himself from regular kenjutsu attacks or even from thrown projectiles like kunais, shuriken etc. Because of the chakra bond Tenshu Kaze kyou Tsuchi and Mathias share, the bow picks up traits of Mathias' main affinities which are Wind n' Earth. And thus sharpens those unique traits to allow Mathias sense disturbances within the air 'kaze' to pin-point his enemy's whereabouts above ground through the air and 'Tsuchi' to feel disturbances within the ground and anything touching it. They are both also able to notice techniques related to their affinity being created.

    ♦ Only Mathias may wield this bow.

    (Fuuinjutsu: Chuubuu Gekitai) - Sealing Technique: Paralysis Repulse
    Rank: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Self
    Chakra cost: 25
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: Chuubuu Gekitai is a special seal located in the users back. The seal automatically activates when the user has been shocked or paralyzed by an electrical current. Upon activation, the seal will start pouring out wind chakra, manifesting wind throughout the users body. Wind having an incredible resistance to electrical currents, will cause the prevention of further spreading. The after effect of this process will be numbness throughout the body for one turn, due to the electrical current straining the body.

    Note: Must know Fuuinjutsu.
    Note: Must be placed in the users biography.
    Note: Each biography can have up to two seals. Meaning this technique can be used twice per battle. One Seal will be located in the upper back and the other will be on the lower back.
    Note: The user cannot perform any genjutsu in the same round.
    The user cannot perform any summonings for the same and the following 2 turns.
    Note: If the electrical current has enough volts to kill, the seal is void.
    Note: Can only be used by Mathias.

    (Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
    Rank: S
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short – Mid (5 meters)
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage points: 80
    Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
    Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.

    Theme Song and Background Music:
    Greatest Battle Music Of All Times: Emiya (Guitar Version)
    Mortal Kombat Theme

    Won: Zero
    Lost: Zero

    Dropping - Jinbe
    Special thanks to; Yerrina, Blizzard, Hazama, and Kurapika
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