Warning long read lol (i didn't know it was gona be this long)

ok i made this thread because i think it is completely ridiculous the way some of these people are overhyped by fans ESPECIALLY hiruzen.

when taking hype into consideration you need to think about the person sprouting the hype and see things from their point of view before just saying 'o yh but it was said he was the strongest', no that is complete BS.

i mean if kishi decided to make a char such as konohamaru say that the ramen guy was the strongest, you would all start saying 'o but it was said he was the strongest'...its almost like you can't think for yourself...

you also need to rate their hype against their feats. so lets see which of the 5 kages has lived up to his/her hype. i will not be counting danzo because he wasn't really a hokage and he was never really hyped.


i originally used to think that hashirama was over hyped but madara's recents exploits have justified him. i mean madara has said that his power is so great that he can change the landscape and this is coming from the man that fought him and used kurama against him and still lost. however i still think the judge is out on hashirama. i say this based on whether he fought perfect susanoo or not.

madara claimed that 'its said whoever sees PS dies' however this seems stupid seeing as hashirama beat him. so this is still open to debate. (but not in this thread )

another testimony to his power was when dan stated hashirama was the only one that could defeat madara. now i don't know whether dan has seen the power of both madara and hashirama, but he has seen the power of hiruzen and yet still claims that hashirama is only one which holds a lot of weight.

in conclusion i think hashirama is so far living up to his hype.


Tobirama was never truly hyped, he is only mentioned when people are talking about edo tensei. he is probably the most underrated hokage and rightly so because we have seen nothing from him really. this is not his fault however.
all we know is that he can use water without a water source, he created edo tensei and he has S/T which is inferior to minato and obito's S/T.


Hiruzen was a man known as the 'god of shinobi'. why? because he knew all jutsu in konoha. now i find this absolutely retarded when you consider that the other person known as the 'god of shinobi' was the sage of the six paths. its almost saying that they are on the same level.

i mean 1 defeated and became the juubi's jinchuriki, then went on to create 9 tailed beasts and create the moon. his offspring are still the strongest shinobi up to date (uchiha, senju, uzumaki).

and the other was a genius and was the longest living hokage but doesn't really have any feats to back the 'god of shinobi' title.

now the first hype about hiruzen was 'he was known as the professor because of his vast knowledge of jutsu in konaha'. i can't remember who said this but theres 1 thing i take from this. people easily mistake this as that hiruzen can use ALL jutsu in konoha, this is in fact wrong. hiruzen KNOWS all justu but he cannot use them. a good example would be when he recognised kakashi's chidori used by sasuke on gaara in part 1.

but can hiruzen use chidori himself? no. neither can he use rasengan, rakiri, FTG, mokuton, sharingan, byakugan, hidden clan techniques, suiton, futon, raiton, edo tensei and so on...because they are not justu of konoha, they are unique abilities used by certain konoha shinobi

now hiruzen arsenal consists of original techniques such as shadow clones and shuriken clones but his use of them surpasses that of any other user. he was a genius that had mastered all forms of shinobi combat (taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu). his only unique ability was to summon enma.

the second hype about hiruzen was 'he was the strongest ever hokage' and 'out of the current kages he is the strongest'.

now this was said by iruka who is a chuunin that teaches at the academy, someone who has never even seen the power of hashirama, madara, tobirama or minato or the other current kages. he grew up knowing hiruzen as the hokage, he was a boy during minato's reign. meaning that his statement is invalid because the only kage he has seen fight is hiruzen

strongest ever hokage? no because the likes of hashirama and minato can beat him. maybe tobirama? theres not enough to go on. maybe even tsunade if she uses byakugo.

strongest out of the 5 kages during his time? no because there are various kages that could defeat him.

these are the kages during his time i think he could beat.

4th kazekage (gaara's dad)
3rd kazekage

these are the kage during his time i think will beat him

third raikage

another fact that people uses to misjudge hiruzen is the battle against orochimaru. now in his defence enma stated after he won that he was miserable compared to his prime, meaning that hiruzen is in fact very strong. however at the same time the 1st and 2nd did not use anywhere near their full power because there were fully controlled by orochimaru. it was stated that the 2nd could use S/T but he didn't use none. madara has used many of hashirama's techniques that we never saw him use vs hiruzen. this is because a edo that is in full control of himself is stronger than 1 that is fully controlled. the summoned shinobi knows his abilities far better than the person that summoned him. the same reason why edo nagato was defeated. and this is the reason why madara is able to use his full power, because he was not completely binded.

so in conclusion hiruzen does not live up to he title as 'god of shinobi' or 'the strongest kage/hokage' but he does live up to 'the professor'


'he was one of the most gifted shinobi who ever lived and was also one of the strongest shinobi that ever existed'
now this was the opinion of his teacher, jiraiya, who himself was the student of hiruzen. even anko and hiruzen himself stated that if minato had been alive to face orochimaru, orochimaru would have had no chance. it was also said that the third shinobi war ended in konoha's favour because of minato. and A even states that he thought minato would never be surpassed. flee on sight orders were given against him.

however neither jiraiya or A had seen the power of hashirama or madara when stating this. however minato was infact one of the greatest shinobi but what people mistake over him is 1 thing. the key word when talking about minato is potential, potentially he could have maybe made it to the levels of madara or hashirama but his potential was never fulfilled. people mistake strength for the person who can do the biggest most OP technique but this is not always the case. minato is not as physically powerful as hashirama but he was able still able to counter kurama.

in conclusion i think he lives up to his hype because he was stated to be one of the greatest shinobi, not the greatest shinobi. he lives up to the manga's hype but not the fan boy hypes.


'no one can stand equally to her in terms of physical combat and medical prowess' this was the only hype on her and this was said by jiraiya. but needless to say tsunade has definitely lived up to this hype.