This anime has truly saved this war arc. The manga war, I hated, but the anime version is so much better. Every Edo is getting their own episode, aswell as characters getting spotlight onto them via those episodes or in a few other ones. The war filler and filler in general makes the anime so much better. I feel like the war is a global scale while in the manga it wasn't. Gaara's fight in the manga is the middle part of the war and I feel like we're so far away from it in the anime and that's so perfect. It's a global battle. Moments like in the episode with Omoi and the female 7 swordsmen member make this worth it. Here's to hoping people like Kimimaro, Chiyo, and Mangetsu get their moments too.

Thank you, Naruto anime, for giving me a war I can call a war. No trolling, no BS. Characters are getting spotlight. That's what Naruto manga lacks. Part 2 in a whole lacked that so much IMO. The anime really makes me love Naruto. I fell in love with the anime first afterall. So, yeah, just a shoutout to the awesome job the Naruto animation crew's doing.