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    Hiro's Helpful Tips: Downloading Anime

    This is a how-to on downloading every Naruto episode, movie, OVa and special, as well as any other anime ever made

    Of course you can simply choose to install a downloader as an add-on for your browser and just grab the streams directly from NB, but if you prefer downloading HD video follow along.

    For those of you that can actually use irc, you can skip this part. If you're new to irc read below.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing.[1] It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels,[2] but also allows one-to-one communication via private message[3] as well as chat and data transfer,[4] including file sharing.[5]

    IRC was created in 1988. Client software is available for every major operating system that supports Internet access.[6] As of April 2011, the top 100 IRC networks served more than half a million users at a time,[7] with hundreds of thousands of channels[7] operating on a total of roughly 1,500 servers[7] out of roughly 3,200 servers worldwide.
    To connect to irc you will need a client. Use the following link to find a client for your Operating System and RTFM:
    mIRC apparently is very popular with the Microsoft crowd. Here is a step by step tutorial on mIRC, by yibis:,9.0.html

    You want to connect to Any server will do. Then you want to join #NEWS (not #yibis like it says in their tutorial). To join all you have to do is type:
    /join #NEWS
    Once you're in the channel and it seems to be working for you, you'll want to look at the xdcc packlists here:

    On the left hand side you will find all of the bots that live on #NEWS. Click a bot's name and it will show you all the files it hosts. In the upper right hand corner there is a search box. Try that for specific searches. Once you find the episode you want, click on it and a dialog box will pop up. For example:
    /msg A-K|Raquel xdcc send #14
    Copy the code in the box. Paste it in the channel and grab your episode. Don't be greedy. Only grab one at a time. Some bots ask for donations. If you leech a lot from one bot be nice.

    If you have any questions, you can ask me here or if you like to talk in real time you can join my irc network:
    I'm in #Myobokuzan

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    Re: Hiro's Helpful Tips: Downloading Anime

    Thanks for another helpful one Hiro.
    Works perfectly. Note to others though: Some files are no longer available, so you'll get an error message for some.

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