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Problem was. Juhabach used a diversion and someone else to fight Yamamoto while he back stabbed him. Otherwise Buckbeard was a dead man. ;x. I hope you do know... The other captains (besides Yamamoto and Unohana).. got their asses handed to em besides Kenpachi... Ichigo would've been dead also.... But he chose to let ichigo go. Kenny boy is one of the strongest mate. The guy hasn't even reached his full potential.

Oh wait yeaa. But hes the CAPTAIN-COMMANDER. So thats why I said he doesn't apply to a specific group.

He is. But also the other captains work under him.

Yea you do.. And there is no "Death of Aizen".

The healing guy in the Squad Zero called her "Retsu" which i got translation of "dangerous". And remember He told her she isn't to heal anymore. And also, notice how the commander told her not to leave the place.. but she was getting Mad because she couldn't help out. ^_^. Shes probably the strongest out of the captains (Excluding the Old Man).

He got his ass handed to him by Juhabach not his servent. Also.. so did Ichigo.... O_o.. Again your not understanding that he isn't even close to his full power.. On bankai level without using a damn bankai.....
Hmm no that's not true Zaraki was beat by a sternritter Royd.