I like many other, is still in denial, and believe that there is alot of interesting/surprising things Kishi will reveal in the future manga chapters, so like here's a theory , pls bare with me aha :ice

Team Orocohimaru:

Notice Orochimaru's team. We have Anko, Kabuto's Jounin & a mystery guy who appears to be from the Yamanaka clan. Why would Kishi finally show us Orochimaru's team? I think it has to do with Tobi's true Identity. Here's what I think Orochimaru found out Obito was leader of the Akatsuki & had his 'star pupil' use his clans specialty: mind transfer jutsu.

Life as a 'Shell':

When this Yamanaka clan member transferred his mind into Obito's body for some reason or another he got stuck & this left him "incomplete". Without his mind his body slowly rotted & decayed. Using one of his clan's special abilities he read the mind of the dead body & saw all of his memories. Now we have one of Orochimaru's students in Kakashi's best friends body with access to all of his best friends memories.

Sasuke, Tobi & Orochimaru:

Now if Tobi is acting on Orochimaru's orders it would explain why he wants to control Sasuke. What I think is going on is that Tobi was ordered to keep Sasuke away from the war & now Orochimaru is still keeping Sasuke occupied. Why else would Orochimaru be so quick to agree with Sasuke?

Everything kinda makes sense:

The genjutsu that controlled the former Mizukage was a Yamanaka clan mind control jutsu.
Tobi helped with the Uchiha massacre so Orochimaru & Danzo could get their hands on some Sharingan.
Tobi used one of the Yamanaka clan mind reading jutsus on Madara's corpse and learned about his past and true intentions. By reading the 'dead' minds of the greatest ninja who ever lived he became "The person who knows everything"