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    Madara having so much trouble against Naruto.

    Okay so I don't understand how Madara is having soo much trouble capturing Naruto and Bee.

    Madara wants to capture the Kyuubi and he clearly mentioned he won't hold back on him. He even went on using the Wood Dragon, the jutsu Hashirama used in the past (Kyuubi's weakness). However, this jutsu also failed to capture Naruto. Between, during the flashback and all that talking they were actually fighting, yet naruto didn't seem to slow down. He later got hit by Gai jutsu...

    Madara wanted to capture them before the Juubi revival, why he didn't ? Because they were too strong to capture in so less time (even though the fight seems to be quite long). He even admitted they were stronger than he expected without holding back. He also mentioned that they would get in their way during the ritual and proposed to use the Juubi's power to beat them because they had better chance with the Ten-Tails' power.

    Madara once again ''tidying'' up the battlefield.

    Stopped by Naruto (stopped obito at the sametime )

    No need to remind you of Madara's Tech, so why is he having so much trouble? Maybe we are underestimating Naruto, he's maybe on a higher level than we all thought? Maybe on par with Madara with Plot No Jutsu? or without it?:shrug: Your wrong if you think Madara isn't serious, he's actually annoyed and wants to capture them as soon as possible and get done the with the Moon Plan.

    Madara :sy:

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