---during chunin exams in part 1, consider their abilites the instant orochimaru launched his assualt--------

1. Gaara is top of the list
-Ultimate defense against other genins
-Can use 1 tails

2. Shino
-bugs eat chakra, and shino uses them wisely.
-he can swarm pretty fast
3. Naruto
-he's the main character
-if it wasn't for that, he'd be behind sasuke and neji would be second. Honestly, if neji wasn't being a retard he woulda won that match, BUT NO, NARUTO WAS ALREADY DONE. well, naruto did get back somehow...that cheater
-a lot of chakra
-a lot clones
-potential of summoning a toad. if he summoned a small one and was being bullied, the big toad would help
-fart jutsu

4. Neji
-Only because he lost against naruto in preliminary rounds...naruto is a cheater. but i think if neji's intent to kill naruto, neji woulda won
-really fast
-best taijutsu outta the geni pigs
-that chakra shield
-gentle fist
-his dojutsu

5. Sasuke
-better than lee at taijutsu, unless lee uses gates.
-speed is really good

Now for explanation

Gaara is first for obvious reasons. He showed a lot of potential and showed how easily he can, that is if he doesn't want to play around with you. He can protect himself from Shino's bugs, naruto wouldn't even touch him and even if he did, won't do jack against the sand. he lacks the strength atm, he doesn't have the force to break through sand nor the speed to hit gaara before the sand protects him. Neji won't do much, you can't chakra block something you can't touch. This would be a battle of defense. Sasuke..well we saw what gaara did to him after sasuke hunted gaara down. Okay sure, the cursed seal screwed sasuke over, but even without the cursed seal he wouldn't have stand a chance. sure he'll hurt gaara ...but..

Naruto...i guess because of kurama's insane chakra naruto recovered and won. probably only gaara could have withstood kurama's first tail. As for shino, it'd e hard for naruto to beat the swarm of bugs that protect shino. naruto vs sasuke...not sure who'd win..

so yeah, the rest is self explanatory. what'd you think?

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