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    ..aaaand we are back down to

    The Sage, His Sons, Their Decendants.

    The Sage and his genetics:

    The Sage was a Senju. His eyes, the Rinnegan, (and the Sharingan) share features with the Juubi's eye. Jinchuuriki are proven to attain certain traits from their contained being, such as Bee's ability to spit ink, and Kushina's crazy hair. So the possibility definitely exists for the Sage's fabled Rinnegan originating from his pet world-destroying demon.

    And the Sage's longevity genes wouldn't have come from the Juubi, if anything it'd be reduced. Jinchuuriki die young, and rampage-mode cuts down on life-expectancy and may even harm genetic material.

    On the other hand, the Juubi is stated to be the source of all chakra by Kurama:

    and this ties in neatly with the Sage being the source of all ninjutsu. Power and control.

    The great doujutsu, any of them, don't function well (or at all) without chakra, and wouldn't exactly be in the forefront of the gene pool.

    Long life and extreme vitality, however, would. Sage = Senju.

    The Sons and Their Descendants:

    The Sage of the Six Paths had two Sons, the Sons had many descendants. The two main clans resulting from these two are the Senju and Uchiha:

    The Senju and Uchiha were NOT friends:

    But what OTHER offshoots spawned from these main branches?

    The Older Son:

    The Uchiha (Pretty self-evident) - Sharingan.

    The Hyuuga (Again, it's fairly obvious) - Byakugan.

    The Elder Son's descendants are pretty easy to spot. Their eyes are weird. It gets a little harder with the other son...

    The Younger Son:

    The Senju (This has been stated many times) - Mokuton, crazy healing and lifeforce.

    The Uzumaki (Related to the Senju) - Crazy Lifeforce.

    The KinGin Brothers' Clan (They've been stated to be related to the Sage) - Survived the Kyuubi and became pseudo-Jinchuuriki.

    The Raikages Clan (What?) - Crazy strong bodies and chakra, hallmarks of the Younger Son. May be related to the KinGin.

    The Kaguya (Hmm... Ok.) - Impossibly versatile and powerful bone techniques, vast stamina, good taijutsu (at least the one we saw). May be related to the Juugo, as some element of genetic compatibility seems necessary for the Curse Seal. Though that may just be through being a descendant of the Sage.

    The Juugo (WHAT THE ****?) -
    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    Am I the only one with the impression that the Juugo clan seems to have been more powerful too, at one point, considering Kabuto's comments about it?

    They posess a "special body", an affinity with nature, and the universal capacity for mastering Sage Mode, an ability which seems most aligned with the descendants of the Younger Son.

    Doesn't that sound like a Senju-offshoot to you too?
    If one defines a "powerful body" as a durable and potent one, the Hozuki kind of qualify, though I admit they are the least likely candidates inluded.

    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    Here's one (almost) fighting on the level of a demon, purely using Hozuki Techniques:
    He later TANKS one of the Hachibi's attacks, PURELY through using some water in addition to his natural durability.

    Tobirama proves that there ARE elements of the Younger Son's lineage that are highly inclined towards water, who's to say the Hozuki aren't the result of some water-aligned Senju breaking away and making their own clan?

    Whaddaya think?

    PS: I had fun simulating your reactions to this.

    EDIT: Added the Kaguya.

    Also, as genetic compatibility is an element in the transplantation of the Juugos' natural ability (CS), could it be that 1/10 of the people in the Narutoverse are (however distantly) related to the Sage, and that the obvious traits are only found in more preserved bloodlines?

    If so, the Hyuuga would be the purer bloodline (between the Uchiha and Hyuuga) as every Hyuuga awakens the Byakugan. Looks like Kakashi had a point, maybe.

    LATER EDIT: Added some of my refutations concerning the recent "Sage was an Uzumaki!"-theory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Piratefish View Post
    As you may have gathered from this, I disagreed with the Sage being an Uzumaki, and I still do. Senju also have extreme vitality as well, and though they aren't as reknowed for their sealing abilities, they still HAVE some, as Tobirama proves with the creation of the Edo Tensei, Tsunade with her Forehead Seal, and Hashirama with the Contract Breaking Seal (that may be non-canon though) and the Scroll of Forbidden Seals.

    The Senju also, unlike the Uzumaki (as far as I can recall) are/were proficient at making powerful objects. Like the Shodaime's Necklace:

    As to the Sage being unable to use ninjutsu pre-Sealing, it's an interesting thought. However, as Kurama states, the Juubi is the source of all chakra, and as such people being ABLE to use ninjutsu had little to do with whether the Sage was a Jinchuuriki or not. He may have been the source of ninjutsu, but he didn't IMPLANT the ability to use ninjutsu into anyone, and I see no reason why people, even the Sage himself, couldn't use ninjutsu before he became a Jinchuuriki.
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