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    Legolas Kaguya

    "He was as tall as a young tree, so hard and resistant to hurt that he went only in light shoes over rock."

    Basic Information
    Name: Legolas Kaguya
    Nickname: Greenleaf | Prince of the Woodland Realm
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Clan: Kaguya

    Looks: Legolas is a tall man with long blond hair, he is most of the time wearing his clasic green colored based outfit along with his Bow and arrows.

    Personality: Legolas has a great respect and appreciation for nature. While in Konoha Forest he longed to return once more in order to explore its wonders more thoroughly. He is kind, and cares greatly for his friends. Due to his age however, he is somewhat egotistical and thinks of those around him, adults in technicality, as children. Legolas is shown to hold his liquor very well. Challenged to drinking games, which he always wins. After drinking numerous amounts of Sake he simply says, "I think this alcohol is affecting me, I feel a slight tingling on the tips of my fingers..."

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Kage
    Specialty: Dead Bone Pulse| Archery| Taijutsu

    Fire Release – Complete
    Lightning Release – Complete
    Earth Release – Complete
    Water Release – Complete
    Wind Release - Complete

    Your ninjutsu:
    Dead Bone Pulse - Need training
    Taijutsu - Complete
    Ninjutsu - Complete
    Genjutsu - Complete
    Kenjutsu - In Progress

    Background Info.
    Legolas is always walking around the forest of Konohagakure, and bonding with the animals living there, when Legolas was just 9 years old, members of the 7 swordsmen of the Mist killed his parents, he took a look into the library and found out an old bingo book wich stated that Zabuza was already dead, but she also found out the Samehada wielder Kisame was still alive, in a organization named Akatsuki, kisame soon became Legolas's prey. Walking around Konoha, she met some very interesting friends, Logic showing im around the village presented her to Axle, Bluedevil, Haku Yuki, who convinced him to participate in the tournement in wich he was put against Dante.. sooner or later overpowered Legolas by experience and sheer strenght. He now enjoys life in Konoha and wonders around every once in a while looking for Kisame Hoshigaki.

    Bow and long knife
    Legolas carries two weapons with him on his journey. He sports a slender bow of Mirkwood, which he aims with deadly precision. He prefers to pierce his enemies from afar, but he also carries "at his belt a long white knife".. Nevertheless he adopts his bow and makes deadly use of it. This bow had a draw weight of about 150 pounds. It could reputedly send an arrow with deadly force for over 400 yards. The bow was over six feet tall. Legolas' skill with the bow is revered, outstandingly good. Of course he also carries 10 arrows on his back.


    Won: Some
    Lost: Some

    Dropping Deidara if test is passed.
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    Re: Kimimaro Kaguya | 君麻呂|

    Nice bio, looks nice, now I'll read it
    I'm the first one to post D

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    Re: Kimimaro Kaguya | 君麻呂|

    Cool bio ^^

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    Re: Kimimaro Kaguya | 君麻呂|

    OH! What a boner

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    Re: Kimimaro Kaguya | 君麻呂|

    nice bio mate

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