5.street fighter x tekken
disc locked content(of 12 characters,costumes,gems)
you would think that when you pay $60 bucks for the game that you would get everything available it apparently doesn't work that way for this game they want to you to spend another 20 dollars for those extra characters in the disc already they purposely did that it was relaly just another shady business act that turns people off of this game especially fans of these series.

4.resident evil operation raccoon city
[IMG]https://encrypted-tbn3.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTFzcqjhSR2NTdnNsxB8r9ZzmwseAAgQ FhOKWQmEA4JqtXrDMG9[/IMG]
bad controls
bad graphics
unbalance guns
no story/that interesting

coming from a succesful franchise you would think it would be a good game but think again
graphics are bad
enemies are recycled over and over
you basically have the same weapons threw out the whole time
not that interesting the game is based on the movie based on a board game
Ai is not good at all

one of the worst movie licensed games of all time
the only good thing about this game is war ship/battleship and that was really it they didn't use this feature in the right way

2.silent hill hd collection
full of bugs
the framerate is terrible
the voice acting and sounds do not even match the characters
also some would report that there controller won't sync within the game

this game was basiclaly released broken for $60 dollars and the company didn't even patch the 3o version and even fi you did get a patch for it most of the issues were still there for you not to enjoy the game this was a huge let down for people who enjoyed the silent hill series.
1.madden 13
[IMG]https://encrypted-tbn2.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGC6fhy7fMa1tCKnonvInon85vS91X6 YlYHCsBUYUbUDY4Dxxq3w[/IMG]
this edition of madden feels more of a downgrade then a upgrade
franchise mode the best part of madden and what most people look forward too has been taken out and supposedly replaced with coach mode/connected careers mode.
no fantasy mode
you can't edit players/or rosters
no coop in connected career mode
no drafting from ncaa 13
lots of freezing and glitches that make this game unplayable at certain parts

Ea made it clear that they had no competition for football sports game and they annually release average games that get worse every year and now it gotten to a point where they have actually degraded madden so much that some want to put a lawsuit on them to many others that enjoy madden this game was a real disappointment.

so really i think these are top 5 games that disappointing people and i wouldn't really recommend these games to buy but to rent, if you have your own opinion of the top 5 disappointing games of 2012 then go ahead and share.