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    The End All Debate on the SO6P

    This is going to be a detailed analysis of the SO6P and why first of all he was an Uzumaki, didn't possess the Rinnegan and couldnt use ninjutsu until after he beat the Juubi. I believe I have provided enough evidence to support these theories and there are virtually no holes. If I thought there were any holes, I would not have made the thread.

    Let's begin....

    Point Number 1-SO6P....The Uzumaki

    In order to fully understand the point I am going to try to make, I first have to explain what I think to be true of the Uzumaki clan. A PURE Uzumaki CANNOT use ninjutsu. How many Pure Uzumaki do we know so far....?

    [IMG]http://t0.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSbqIkx0RSxWTWETZfr5Ie2r_OC4o4Ce v8myxa3B4Q9l4xB0wrzI8J9S_XMcw[/IMG]



    Hmm okay, lets see, lets see. What is similar about these three....?

    1. The Red hair. We know the Uzumaki all have red hair. Check.

    2. Their abilites.

    Let's look at Kushina and Karin first, because as you all know, Nagato had something that made him a bit different. Something odd about them right? They don't seem to be able to use regular ninjutsu. Karin has incredible healing powers and is the best sensor we have seen thus far. In fact, her life force is so unique that people can suck on her arm to heal themselves...

    Kushina is a tougher case to make because we have not really seen her in battle. But, from what we have seen, no ninjutsu. Only very powerful sealing techniques that she taught to Minato and like Karin, she has a very strong life force. Check

    3. They are the perfect hosts.

    Okay, got it. So, red hair. No ninjutsu. Strong life force. Sealing techniques. Perfect hosts.

    What I assume to be the two arguments..Please read before you make these arguments!

    Now the point many of you are going to try to make is, "Ohhh but Nagato could use ninjutsu!" Yessss this is true, but only strengthens my argument about the SO6P. I think there is a very strong chance that without the Rinnegan, Nagato would have been just like Karin and Kushina. Strong bodied with healing and sealing powers. Why think any different? He is all of a sudden the only Uzumaki that can use ninjustu...I dont think so. In fact, he is a perfect example of what I think the SO6P became AFTER he defeated the Juubi, but I will get into that later.

    "Oh, oh Naruto could use ninjutsu, he's an Uzumaki?!" Yes, but not a pure Uzumaki. His ninjutsu abilities come from his dad's side...sorry:shrug:

    "Okay, but so what? Uzumaki's cant use ninjutsu, big deal? That doesn't mean the SO6P couldn't."

    Oh well thank you, everyone who is not going to believe me at first, allow me to segway to my next point.

    Point 2- The Sage could not use Ninjustu and didnt possess the Rinnengan until AFTER the fight with the Juubi.

    As we know the Sage is the father of ninjutsu. So as far as we know, no one could use ninjutsu in his time. So the questions that arise...

    1. When in his life could he use ninjutsu?

    2. When did he "teach" everyone else?

    For the sake of my argument, let's assume you believe me in that the SO6P was an Uzumaki. And as I stated before, the Uzumaki can not use ninjutsu. That means there was a point in his life where something changed. It had to be something big...hmmm? Could it possibly be?

    Now, there is a reason I showed that specific picture. This is because it is the ONLY picture of the Sage before he defeated the Juubi. Why is this important? Well his back is turned, and we cannot see his eyes. We know the Juubi's eye actually looks like that as we have seen in 610 so the argument that the Sage's eyes are projecting onto the Juubi is void now. So, to all the people who would like to make the argument that the Sage had rinnengan during this fight let me ask you this.

    My question:
    The Juubi obviously has the Rinnengan. So are you saying that it is more likely that both the Sage and the Juubi had the same eyes during this fight? Seems awfully coincidental. The Sage has the Rinnengan, and the Juubi just happens to have it too? Ehh, stick by that if you want. If you can find a picture of the sage BEFORE he faught the Juubi and he has Rinnengan I will say you are the greatest and admit you have a superior mind.

    So, it seems like common sense now that the Sage didn't have those eyes until after he became the 10 tails Jinchuuriki.

    All right, if he couldn't use ninjutsu how could he possibly defeat the Juubi? Well easy, go back in look at the picture. Notice anything? In his hands, you see it? That's right, the two objects. We all know the Sage possessed several very powerful objects. All of the objects the Silver n Gold brothers had, the sealing jar and we dont even know what that staff does he carries around. Something tells me it is by far the most powerful of the objects. What's so interesting about the objects? The all seemed to be based off sealing techniques. And who are the experts when it comes to sealing techniques, thats right....the Uzumaki.

    I know I havent quite answered the two questions I asked, but I am about too, when I tie this all together

    Now, I have laid the ground work. Time to do some convincing.

    Point 3- Tying this all together.

    Point one ---> Uzumaki's cannot use ninjutsu. SO6P was an Uzumaki

    Point two ----> Sage of Six Paths could not use ninjutsu, nor did he have Rinnengan until after he became 10 Tails Host.

    I am going to use Nagato as a point of reference for the SO6P for I believe he had everything the Sage had, besides the power of a Bijuu. It was shown Nagato had an affinity for all elements and could use the power of the Rinnegan through the six paths. We can all agree, these were powers granted by the Rinnegan for if Nagato didn't possess the Rinnengan, he could not use these abilities.

    Well, if the Rinnegan granted Nagato those powers, then would it not be safe to assume it granted the Sage those powers as well? And if, the Sage's eyes come from the Juubi, then can we not also assume the Sage had none of those powers until AFTER he beat the Juubi. One thing I think we can agree, whether you think the Sage had the Rinnengan or not, was that he did have these three things before the fight with the Juubi.

    1. The weapons, this is obviouss, they exist, he had them. And remember, they are based on sealing techniques.

    2. The powerful body- His body was able to handle being the Juubi's host.

    3. Powerful sealing techniques-He sealed the Juubi within himself. Sealed his body in the moon. A very interesting page comes to mind when I think of this point here....

    So whatever Naruto did to the Kyuubi and it looks like a very powerful sealing technique, the Sage did it too.
    What is interesting is how Naruto did it. He used the seal on his stomach to perform that seal on the Fox. We all know where that seal came from right? Yess, say it with me, Naruto's dad, who learned it from Naruto's mom, an Uzumaki. It is an Uzumaki seal, and the Sage of Six Paths knew how to use an Uzumaki seal.

    Look at the list of the Sage's techniques pre-juubi and look at the Uzumaki's abilites list I layed at earlier. They are nearly the same except, point number one for the Uzumaki's.....the red hair.

    The Uzumaki's

    1. The Red hair

    2. Powerful Bodies, Powerful Life Force

    3. Powerful Sealing techniques

    The Sage, pre-Juubi fight. This is what we know he had.

    1. His weapons

    2. Powerful Body

    3. Powerful Sealing Techniques

    Now this is cool, if some one can find me a picture of the pre juubi fight Sage that is not darkened then please present it and here's why. We know the Sage had white hair, or lighter hair I guess for we can never know till the manga is colored. But we know at least he had white hair towards the end of his life. The reason I believe he is always darkened when he is young is because yes, he had red hair. And his hair doesn't turn white until after he pulls the 10 tails from his body. Because what do we know about Uzumakis?

    When they stress their bodies their hair turns white. What would be more stressful on the body than pulling the 10 tails from you and splitting it into 9 beasts..?

    So to my earlier questions:

    1. When could the Sage use ninjutsu.

    Not until after he sealed the Juubi in himself and obtained the Rinnengan. Look at Nagato, when he got the Rinnengan he became an Uzumaki who could use a number of ninjutsu's, something we haven't seen from that clan.

    2. When did he "teach" everyone how to use ninjutsu.

    Simple, he didn't. It was not until after his fight with the Juubi that people could use chakra the way they do in present time. The Juubi IS chakra. When the Sage tamed it, from then on the power of NATURE itself could be harnessed by man.

    Point 4-Addendum

    After reading the comments and input from everybody I decided to add an addendum to the thread. Thank you to all who debated this topic, whether you agreed or disagreed.

    But I want to turn your attention to these guys.

    Yep the Gold and Silver brothers. And what is so interesting about them? Well, glad you asked. Remember their fight with Darui. They were said to be the only ninja that could wield the Sage's weapons. Why is that? You could say that they had an enormous amount of chakra from eating the nine-tails stomach, you COULD say that, but look at this...

    Take the Raikage's words as you may, but remember, Kishi put that in the story, it holds merit. Why even have "A" say something like that if it turns out to be useless. So many of you believe in order to be related to the Sage one must be Uchiha or Senju. Right, okay, okay but then where does that leave us with these guys?

    They certainly aren't Uchiha for they do not possess the eyes.

    Are they Senju? Possibly but lets go back to their fight. What is interesting about that fight. Go back and read it, ill give you time.........

    Notice it? Yesss, they do not use ninjutsu. Isn't that weird? Only use the ninja tools. They are blessed with strong bodies/life force, evidenced by their survival in the Kyuubi's stomach.

    So people we know to be "distant relatives" to the Sage are the perfect specimens for wielding his tools and are really the only ones who can use them properly.

    • Two brothers who dont use ninjutsu
    • Said to be related to the Sage
    • Have strong life force/ strong bodies
    • And can use the Sage's tool

    My point is unless you believe the Cloud Brothers are Senju than it is safe to assume that you do not have to be Senju or Uchiha to have ties to the Sage. And yes, I am saying what you are thinking I am saying, the Gold and Silver bros have Uzumaki heritage. Those tools were MADE for Uzumaki, it is so obvious.

    Point 5: Moving Forward

    All right, I have seen both sides of the argument pretty extensively, both have made valid points, at time it got pretty heated, but I think level heads prevailed. Anyway I wanted to add a couple things that have come to my attention on this topic.

    Soo we have seen how many Jinchuuriki? All of them now right? But, lets narrow it down to the ones we reallllyy know. We have seen...and I mean really seen, hell Ill even throw in Yugito.





    I tried to show all of them in some form of interaction with their Bijuu. So who doesn't belong? Well, I shouldnt say that, but I think you see what I am getting at. It's Naruto. We have seen multiple Jinchuuriki use a variety of Bijuu Powers and what is the difference here? Bijuu Mode. Have you ever asked yourself, why is Naruto the only one that can do this? It's strange isnt it? Well the more I look at it, the easier that question is to answer, he is an Uzumaki.

    No other Jin has shown the ability to do this. Bee is a perfect host, yet he can't do it.

    I know many of you are going to say, " Oh well its because of the Nine-Tails, not because of Naruto."

    Well I say nay. I showed you the earlier picture of him sealing the fox. It is this new found "mode" that he does it with, it is not because of the Kyuubi's chakra he is able to use this power, but because of how HIS blood reacts to the power.

    In conclusion:
    That power we have already seen is DIRECTLY related to the Sage, so the question becomes, how does Naruto have it? Well, if you believe everything I have been saying it is obvious, the Sage was an Uzumaki and the Uzumaki are the ONLY people that can go into bijuu mode like Naruto did. He basically looks like the Sage now.

    I realize this is a very long post and I know I am going to get a bunch of "didn't read"'s. Thats fine, if you dont think you can put your big boy pants on and read the whole thing just read point 3, it kind of summarizes. Refer back to points 1 and 2 if you arent getting it. Thank you to all who read it, I hope it makes sense and whether you agree or disagree I look forward to hearing your comments.
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