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    -->Different character analysis..<--

    Since, we arent aloud too discuss stuff that isnt Naruto related here imma use metaphors.

    Itachi - Logical people

    Naruto's -People that make a thread with zero logic , and trying to convince people they are right :sy:

    Orochimaru's -Theory makers

    Zetsu's - Analysis

    Raikage's -People that never read thread

    Kabuto's -always intimating others

    Tobi's -Always trolling people

    Danzo's - always trying to do something

    Sasuke's- People that use logic but tends too use a little favoritism sometime.

    Kakashi's-always analyzing and looking from every angle

    Sakura's- start off bad ,but takes notice and fix them.

    Deidara's- you mad?:mad:

    Sasori's- are quiet, but lethal

    Kiba's- dosent have good logic

    Temari's- goes all out ,also tends to destroy people arugments

    Shikamaru's-brilliant posters, that tend too avoid debating

    Kakuzu's-only care about rep

    Ten Ten's- always post but no one ever pays attention

    Now NB is top thread in discussion arent really interesting , which doesnt surpise me since most people spam the same thing.

    Naruto's spamming the forums with nonsense always trying to talk no justu everyone even if there is no logic .
    Itachi's who always use logic and gets alot of reputation.
    Orochimaru's always people trying too make theories, and try too putting things together.
    Zetsu's who just analyze different things, and dont really post much.
    Kabuto's always trying to become people, and imitate other.
    Tobi's that say stupid shit, and post random crap.
    Raikage's always people busting into topics without reading , and write something completely different from what topic is about.
    Danzo's always trying to do something,
    Sasuke's use logic , but can be biased sometime not thinking clearly
    Kakashi's always analyzing things / think them over before posting
    Sakura'sThe type of people that do wrong at the beginning, yet with time they realize they're errors and change for the good.
    Deidara's start off a debate/theory but when someone doesnt agree they get mad , and flames
    Sasori's are very quiet ,and deadly also like too get straight too the point. They tend to control the conversation
    Shino's tend to post infrequently and don't go in depth but what they do post is highly insightful. They also don't like to get in arguments.
    Kiba's tend to post a lot and seem to bicker with other forum members and don't have a good sense of logic.
    Temari's tend to post generally insightful comments and when they get in a debate, they will go all out and pick on the opposition's argument and tear it apart.
    Shikamaru's are very passive posters and loath long posts and arguments so they tend not to read everything nor get into debates but on rare occasions, display utmost brilliance.
    Kakuzu's only care about increasing their reputation points and post count so they will do whatever it takes to reach a high status. (This is Negative Knight)
    Tenten's posts are average at best and no one bothers reading them as they aren't important and generally passive.
    Onoki's- Degrades other opinions especially those who are have lower reputation than him. Is well-known and an average debater but who is overrated.
    Darui's: Calm and collected but sometimes rushes into decisions without seeing the bigger picture. Will defend their favourite character to the best of their ability but is not above admitting his favourites inferiority to someone.
    Killer B's: Seems to have both logical and stupid moments. Tend to have OP characters as their favourites. Overrate some attacks.
    Kisame's: Tries to target and counter the arguments of people he doesn't like. Seems to care more about getting one over the person than actually debating and proving their point.
    Jugo's: Has mad trolling sprees and this sometimes ends up as a ban. Sometimes they manage to calm themselves and act like nothing ever happened.
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