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    "There comes a time in life where you question life's worth. Here's my answer, yours is worth the loss."

    "Am I Immortal? No, Its just by luck that I have lived this long. Everyone dies eventually. Its just a matter of time. Time and death are things that none of us shinobi, no matter how powerful may be, can fully control, however, we can cheat it and leave on our own accord. Here, allow me to make an example of that by using you."


    NAME: Bermecia Lucis

    As a child, Bermecia was a cheerful and optimistic young girl. She loved playing and talking with her peers and enjoyed taking strolls with her mother when her father was away.
    As a ninja, before the incident, she displayed remarkable courage, and support. Her analytical abilities have saved her and her team countless times. She is a reliable asset to any team. As she has displayed a calm demeanor in even in the most peril of sitautions.

    Now, after losing all hope in humanity, she displays a cold demeanor to other humans, and questions the value of life. Even so, she still remains true to the Hidden Stone, not the current one, but the one from her memories. She hopes that one day, she will meet someone who can clear the darkness that controls her.


    VILLAGE OF ORIGIN:Hidden Stone
    ================================================== ======================

    SPECIALTY: Earth/Lightning
    ELEMENTS: A Rank Fire/ C-Rank Wind/

    S-Rank Genjutsu/ S-Rank Ninjutsu



    Bermecia was born into an middle-class family in the land of earth. She lived with her mother and father. Her father, who was a Hidden Stone shinobi was often away, traveling to other countries. One day, on his trip back from visiting a far away country, he brought her back a brand new pure white scarf that was made out of precious materials, the scarf costed him a fortune, but it was worth every coin. She cherished it and brought it everywhere she went. Being a naive child, she thought if she became a shinobi like her dad, then she would be able to find more interesting things like her scarf. She then made it a goal of hers to join the Hidden Stone Village's military by becoming a ninja.
    "When I grow up, Imma be a great shinobi, just like my daddy!"

    Becoming a ninja
    As a student, she barely slid by, not because she didnt know the courses, but she felt they were a waste of time. She already had a vast array of knowledge on the inner workings on becoming a ninja. At every test, she would hurry through it. Mentally, she was ahead of her class, academically, she was behind. Finally, on the last day of school, Bermecia was announce a full fledged Genin.
    "YESSS!!! I did it I did it!! whoo hoo!! Wait till I tell mother!! oh, and father will be sooo impressed!! hehehe!"

    Life of a Ninja
    Over the next few years, she would train, alongside her father in the arts of ninjutsu. She was never allowed to accompany him during any of the missions, but hoped that one day, she would. after several years, she had eventually made chuunin, and then Jounin. Finally reaching her her father's level. Soon afterwards, the day she always dreamed of had arrived. The day where she would set out in a mission with her father. The mission was to retirieve valuable information to the very north near the land of iron. As their team made their way to the destination, they were confronted by Hidden Leaf Ninja who were after the same information. During the fight, Bermecia was separated from her father. She and part of her team fought their way through the forests and snow against their enemies. Finally, she caught site of her father, and as she approached him, in the corner of her eye, she noticed a silver gleam. Just as she turned to see, it was too late, a silver haired young boy had attacked her with a white bladed sword, slashing her father's throat, Bermecia catching her father's limp body with blood gushing everywhere, her pure white scarf was dyed red. At that same moment, countless amounts of explosive Kunai came falling from above. In shock, with the rest of the world tuned out, Bermecia could not hear the yells of her comrades who were trying to warn her of the incoming danger. Suddenly, she was engulfed in the explosion, and was presumed dead. She was not dead however, somehow, she had survived the explosion, and awoke in a soft bed, with the sunlight shining. She learned that she was in a hospital, near the border of the iron country. Her first thought was finding her fathers body, but she was told that the only thing they had found was herself, holding onto a red scarf, under several feet of snow. They were surprised that she wasnt dead, and told her that if she hadnt been wrapped in her scarf, she would have been. Confused as to what they meant, and unsure of her surroundings, she eventually made her way back to the Hidden Stone. The paths had seemed different than the day before. As she reached The Hidden Stone Village, she was amazed at how everything looked so different. As she made heer way through town, she noticed seveal unfamiliar faces, she went to the academy, and realized that all of the teachers were different. Thinking she had a severe case of amnesia, she panicked and quickly headed to meet with the Tsuchikage. Upon meeting him, she was shocked to see that in fact the Tsuchikage was actually, Oonoki, but the Oonoki she knew was alot younger than this, confused, she demanded to know what was happening. It was then revealed to her that she had been presumed dead, and was gone for several decades. She couldnt believe it because she had not changed at all since the last mission she was on. She was preserved underground in the freezing cold. She then later visited her mother's grave, apologizing to her. As she was there, there was a sudden explosion from the village, as she arrived at the scene, she saw the devastation and destruction that was caused by the explosions. But not only that, the explosions were caused by one of their own, Oonoki's student, Diedara. This drove Bermecia over the top. She grew to detest humanity and its wars. She vowed vengance on Diedara for betraying their village, and vengence against the Leaf's White Fang, AKA Sakumo Hatake, for the death of her father.
    "What is the point of it we as ninja exist just to fight, do we not get to experience love without it getting snatched away from us?"

    The Akatsuki
    At sometime during her travels, Bermecia was approached by a man in a spiral mask wearing a black cloak who claimed to be Madara Uchiha. He attempted to recruit her, telling her that he would create a world where there would be no more lies, and that all war would cease to exsist. He told her that they were alike, that this world has gone to hell, and there is nothing worth caring about anymore. There was a certain power that he claimed she had that he could help her control. Confused she almost joined him, until she learned that the traitor Diedara, was part of the group. After a short clash, she lost sight of Deidara. She decided that she would not join Akatsuki. She was angry when she learned that The Hidden Stone had hired the akastuki during one of their wars, which made her shun her village. She was living in a place that she hated.

    "The Akatsuki..even my village is in league with the likes of them...there is no hope for this cursed world."

    Kakashi Hatake
    Some years after the Third Great Shinobi World War, during a battle, she had come across Sakumo, or so she thought, she singled him out and followed him until he finally came to a rest. As he was of gaurd, she steathily closed in and was ready to attack until she saw him pull his mask off to drink water. She then realized that it was not Sakumo Hatake, but his son, Kakashi Hatake, one of the Konoha Heroes from the battle at Kannabi Bridge. While distracted from the sudden realization, she was attacked from behind and captured. Upon being interrogated, she explained that Kakashi's father, Sakumo, had killed her father and now she wanted revenge. "Sigh...You arent in your right state of mind. Im sorry for what my father did to you, but I wont accept your challenge as of now, you arent as strong as you want to be." With that, they left her there alone, helpless, and defeated. Once again, Bermecia was bested by the ones who caused her so much pain.

    "Kakashi Hatake...I will drive my blade right through you! Just as you're father did to mine!"

    Present Day
    Bermecia still resides in The Hidden Stone Village, one the far outskirts away from people. The only time she goes into the village is to get food, pay for things, attend meetings, and have audiences with the Tsuchikage. Other than that she is usually training.
    She is still stuck in the past, and cannot accept the time she has lost afterall these years. She bears a grudge against the village leaders for she feels as though they are treating her case as if nothing happened. Inside, she harbors deep pain and sorrow, she was never able to grieve for her parents, or the loss of her friends. She has failed at revenge there is a large darkness inside her, that she unleashes in battle. But deep in there, in the creveses of her heart, there glows a dim light. the girl she once was, who is trying to break free from the dark.

    "Everyone, my friends, superiors, EVERYONE! they thought I was dead, they never came back for me..."


    Long Daggers x2
    Kunai x7
    Soldier Pills x5
    ================================================== ======================

    ================================================== ======================

    ================================================== ======================

    "This scarf I wear was once white, would you like to know how it became red?"

    WINS: Many

    Battle theme

    DROPPING Sukebe Uchiha:
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