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    ~The Staff Of the Sage~

    The Staff of the Sage

    The Sage was a priest...therofore, some chinese ledgends, tales and facts are involved in this thread. Dont be turned off.

    Ever wondered what is the Black Stick used for Rikudo jutsu?

    I think it is the Ruyi Jingu Bang (

    Ruyi Jingu Bang is described of being made of "black iron" with two gold bands round it near the ends. It is the magical weapon in "Journey to the West".

    It has appeared in the manga as Enma's Transformation, the Adamantine Staff, but that was only a transformation/imitation and not the real thing.

    The Staff has the power to change its size, multiply itself, and fight according to the will of its master.

    The only power connected to the sage that has the ability to do this is Peins Chakra rods. So Chakra Rods are essentially the Ruyi Jingu Bang. It is a ceremonial sceptre in Chinese Buddhism.

    Now the sages staff...

    The sages staff has six rings representing the Six Perfections, a six ring khakkhara (

    Six Perfections:
    1) Dāna pāramitā: generosity, giving of oneself
    2) Śīla pāramitā : virtue, morality, discipline, proper conduct
    3) Kṣānti (kshanti) pāramitā : patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance
    4) Vīrya pāramitā : energy, diligence, vigor, effort
    5) Dhyāna pāramitā : one-pointed concentration, contemplation
    6) Prajñā pāramitā : wisdom, insight

    Novice monks carry a four ring staff which represent the Four Noble Truths (they represent overcoming your negative emotions -

    I believe that the sage having six rings on his staff when he fought the Juubi means that he had already overcome his emotions & started to spread his teachings. I've also said before that you unlock the Rinnegan by overcoming your emotions (opposite of the Sharingan).

    Now you may have skipped most of the wiki links, but look at the one concerning the Four Noble truths..and examine them. Focus on the fourth:

    Fourth truth: path to the cessation of dukkha
    While the first three truths are primarily concerned with understanding the nature of dukkha (suffering, anxiety, stress) and its causes, the fourth truth presents a practical method for overcoming dukkha.

    Sasuke and the Rinnegan

    If my theory is correct, The fourth truth would represent the path Sasuke is on to find out the 'truth'
    I have been Observing the events involving sasuke..and in the Manga Kishimoto has already began giving sasuke Foundation's for the Rinnengan"

    2)An acquaintance Orochimaru (who possesses Senju DNA that he stole from Hashi's grave)
    3) Juugo's DNA (if it means anything)
    4) Knowledge of something beyond EMS
    5) Very Soon, Naruto will also recieve some other Non-doujutsu powerup (related to the Younger son) to defeat his current opponents.

    6) Sasuke will have to recieve another doujutsu power up (relating to the elder son) to match naruto's.

    I placed #5 and #6 because kishmoto intends to make them equal.
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